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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Username Meaning
Thoughtful - helensheep
gijane7702 tagged me for this

- Describe your username meaning.
- Tag as many people as there are letters in your name

* My username comes from my on-line pseudonym, Starsea. I originally had an LJ with that name, but decided it was a bit too boring. So I thought for a while and then decided that I would take the meaning of my favourite girl's name "Hallimeda" and use that. This translates as "sea_thoughts". Of course, I realised later that it sounds like I just took the second part of my pseudoynm and added "thoughts" on, but that works, too!

Anyway, I tag dejana, dark_branwen, heavenly_pearl, demandingvoice, vifetoile, stmargarets, author_by_night, genesse, jo_blogs, kit_the_brave and miss_sophia, if any of them read this.
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I like both of your user names! They're both lovely. The thoughts in you lj name adds a sense of the expansive, which is how an lj should work - being able to post your thoughts.

Thanks, stmargarets. "Sea Thoughts" does sound expansive. The image of the sea thinking... there would be a LOT of thoughts, of all shapes and sizes! *lol* Glad you like them. I arrived at Starsea more by a process of elimination than anything else; and the fact my mother wanted to name me "Stella", so I've always felt a sense of affinity with that name.

It's funny that you feel you have an affinity with the name your mother had picked out for you. My mother wanted to call me Rose and I always feel inextricably linked to that name, perhaps it has something to do with the colour of my hair!

Well, if she had, you wouldn't have to worry about people mispelling your name, that's certain! And neither of us would have had to worry about sharing our name with other girls! Did your dad dislike it, then? My dad disliked Stella. He wanted to call me "Caroline". *sigh*

They end up calling me after the first daughter of the lady who inspired Rose. Spelling and all.
Interstingly enough, her sistor and her son is an historian, and has had a couple of fairly well known book pubilished!

Ooh, I like it! :)

So where does "starsea" come from again? I always liked that name. I think you told me both once, but I have Neville's memory (maybe that's why I think he rocks. Well a slight reason. ;))

Well, I was trying to think of an on-line pseudonym, and I would have chosen "Starsailor", but that was already taken by a new band in the UK. So I chose "Starsea" instead, it still has that consonance and it is a nice image. ^^

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