From the land between Wake and Dream. (sea_thoughts) wrote,
From the land between Wake and Dream.

Username Meaning

gijane7702 tagged me for this

- Describe your username meaning.
- Tag as many people as there are letters in your name

* My username comes from my on-line pseudonym, Starsea. I originally had an LJ with that name, but decided it was a bit too boring. So I thought for a while and then decided that I would take the meaning of my favourite girl's name "Hallimeda" and use that. This translates as "sea_thoughts". Of course, I realised later that it sounds like I just took the second part of my pseudoynm and added "thoughts" on, but that works, too!

Anyway, I tag dejana, dark_branwen, heavenly_pearl, demandingvoice, vifetoile, stmargarets, author_by_night, genesse, jo_blogs, kit_the_brave and miss_sophia, if any of them read this.
Tags: fun, meme
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