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Reviews of "The Curse Of The Black Spot" and "The Doctor's Wife"

The Curse of the Black Spot

This... is a very odd episode. I did enjoy it but I have some qualms. Eleven is acting like he did in "The Lodger". Now there's nothing wrong with that. I LOVE "The Lodger". HOWEVER, to state the obvious, this episode is not "The Lodger". It's a historical episode set on a becalmed ship which is being stalked by a monster. I do not expect Eleven to act like that in a historical episode, Steve Thompson. It's not OOC but it is... weird. Especially given his later Genre Savvy remarks about pirates' job descriptions etc. And even though it's a historical episode, and we have a real historical person in Captain Avery, Avery is almost sidelined by the story. If I'd compare this episode to anything, I'd compare it to The Unicorn and the Wasp, where Agatha Christie was caught up in the middle of a murder mystery thanks to the Doctor and Donna.

I really liked that Amy took responsibility for Rory this episode (in sickness and in health, after all) but NOT how it was done. Putting aside all the interesting theories about why Rory keeps dying, it wasn't very well executed (so Rory was winded by a bar, that doesn't mean he would just sink, unless he was unconscious, which should have been made more clear) and how he came back to life was ridiculous (I'm sticking with the idea that the TARDIS revived him).

Random List While Watching
It is really adorable how Amy and Rory treat Eleven like he is their INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSING dad. You just know they're regretting their agreement to 'let him do all the talking'. "OMG he did not just say that." "OMG this is so awkward." I love the way Eleven looks at Rory as he says "multidimensional engineering" and Rory does this small but vigorous shaking of the head "Shut up, Dad, shut up!"

I DO think it's OOC of Rory to not at least TRY and save Amy from being shoved below decks but I'll put it down to his wonderful common sense that if he did try something, he might get stabbed (especially since Death has a grudge against him).

I don't know if anyone else has brought this up but Amy is wearing a dead man's clothes. (Okay, so he wasn't really dead but she didn't know that.) Still, I am very happy to see her being so proactive and trying to rescue the boys, given what happened to her in the previous episode.

Eleven is useless when it comes to physical fighting. I can just see Three and Nine cringing inside his head.

Amy misreading the pirates' legitimate fear as boys whining over small injuries is quite funny. As is Eleven facepalming over Amy, for once. Although please tell me why Rory tried to catch a sword. Was it his Roman side trying to break through? If so, it only got him in more trouble.

I love how the Doctor is even MORE weirded out by drunk!Rory than Amy. Also, Arthur Darvill is obviously having loads of fun playing him like this. "Everything is totally brilliant, isn't it? Look at these brilliant pirates! Look at their brilliant beards! I'd like a beard!" (You could manage it with that five o'clock shadow. :3)

Lily Cole looks suitably bewitching and eerie at the same time. I notice the Doctor looks quite taken by the Siren as well, despite not being injured. Rory is hilariously entranced.

Amy: "Sorry, but he is SPOKEN FOR. Bitch."
Doctor: "Yeah, he's OURS."
Siren: What, we can't share?

"Ever met Freud? No. Comfy sofa!" (LOL LOL LOL)

I love how Rory just starts yelling because everybody else is yelling.

Eleven is thinking "Quick, put this hat on while no one's looking and then they can't take it off me! XD" He does get a lot more serious when it's on though. "Who's been sleeping in my gun room?"

No, seriously, HOW DID THAT KID NOT GET NOTICED? If only there'd been a references to rations going missing - SOMETHING! Eleven approves of a kid running away to sea, of course. And now that Toby's involved, he's definitely going to do his damndest to solve the problem.

"We've all gotta go sometime."
Rory & Amy: AWKWARD.
"There are worse ways than having your face gnawed off by a dodgy mermaid. ;D"
Amy: WTF?!

Lovely little domestic moment between Rory and Amy. Amy knows it's silly to be bothered by what Rory said but she can't help herself.

Eleven doesn't like someone knowing the TARDIS as well as he does.

We'll just put aside the fact that Toby was happy to condemn a man to death, shall we? Yes.

"I'm confused!"
"Yeah, well, it's a big club, we should get T-shirts!"

"Don't shoot, the powder will blow and kill us all!" (LOVE YOU RORY)

I love Avery's "WTF are you doing?" look as Eleven peers at the crown. Only matched by Amy and Rory's expression as Eleven breaths and pants all over the medallion. Rory looks genuinely disturbed.

"There's a stroppy homicidal mermaid trying to kill [us] all."
"How much worse can things get?"

"This is the treasure of the Mogul of India!"
"Oh good, for a second there, I thought it was yours!"

The conversation between Avery and Toby is a good scene, even though it slows down the episode.

So they didn't get put on the hospital beds... why?


"THE TARDIS!" Big smooch for the TARDIS. XD

The Doctor has completely forgotten about the logical problem of getting Rory out in his admiration for the Siren.

I'm his wife for God's sake, why can't I touch him?" I love how Amy is taking responsibility for Rory here, even if I dislike the way Thompson is doing it. Why couldn't Amy just figure out how to use the machine to pump the water out of his lungs? You have to be the one to save him, Amy, because you're his WIFE.

BUT that doesn't mean you can just sit there and not help AT ALL, Doctor. I realise you were probably paralysed with grief and fear over losing him but that's no excuse.

Two things about "The Doctor's Wife": the scene where the Doctor is looking for the Time Lords breaks my heart. It's like hide and seek but twisted, sad and morbid. The way he closes his eyes, listening with his mind. And then the way he swallows as he realises that he was just listening to the voices of the dead. Once again, alone. Except he isn't alone. As Idris says, "you have what you've always had". He has his oldest and best playmate, in a human body. Face it, Doctor, you never fit in with the Time Lords, you ran away (well, Idris ran away with you). And that's when you became HAPPY.

The second thing is that I don't count skeleton!Rory as a real death. It's all in Amy's head. It's House (houses are never good to Amy, even her childhood house was 'too big', had 'too many doors') playing on her fears. When she accuses the Doctor of wanting to be forgiven, he says "Don't we all?" And Amy nods. Why does Amy want to be forgiven? Because she made Rory wait for 2,000 years. Of course, for Rory it wasn't even a choice, he would never guilt trip her about it, waiting was the only right and proper course of action. But Amy wonders if she can ever make up for that long wait, ever LIVE up to that expression of love and patience.

And Rory continues to be possibly one of the most Genre Savvy companions to have ever travelled with the Doctor.
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