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Rise of the Cybermen

Reviews for "Rise of the Cybermen"; "Age of Steel" review coming next week.

Intro scene was brilliant, what a great homage to Frankenstein and all those Hammer Horror films; they even had "It's ALIVE". I wasn't quite sure about Roger Lloyd-Pack's first scene, but he certainly grew on me in the rest of the episode: you could feel sorry that he was dying, but you couldn't condone his ideas for preserving humanity. Not to mention the whiff of "I don't want to die, so I won't let anyone else die!"

Rose was rather irritating at the beginning of this episode: what part of "it's dead" do you not understand, woman? *sigh*

I am feeling more and more sorry for Mickey. Doesn't help that the Doctor seemed so eager to have him on the Tardis in the last episode, only to almost totally ignore him in this one. Consistency between episodes seems to be a problem at the moment: nobody telling Steven Moffat that Rose was pissed off at Mickey coming along, anyone? I would have thought that was rather fundamental. Nevertheless, he did get more time in this episode: an actual scene alone with the Doctor (gasp), which was actually rather good. I enjoyed seeing them interact. And then that wonderful moment, when Rose told the Doctor about Mickey's background and his expression when the Doctor talked about the Time Lords took on a whole new meaning. Seeing him interact with his gran was very moving, especially since both my grandmothers are dead and I know exactly how I'd feel if I was in a parallel universe and found one or both of them still alive. And meeting Ricky gave Noel Clarke to show us his acting skills. It was also great to see the way he acted towards Rose, mean as it sounds: "No offence, sweetheart, but who are you?" Classic. Loved the Gemini reference.

Loved Jackie the Bitch. Exactly what I thought she'd be. Seems that if Pete had lived, Rose would have been a daddy's girl without doubt. And Rose the Yorkshire Terrier! I agreed with the Doctor, I thought it was funny.

Great cliff-hanger at the end. "DELETE DELETE DELETE". Almost as scary as "EXTERMINATE". Almost.

Age of Steel
It was more evident than ever that this was a homage to science fiction films, great and bad. Those spine-chilling shots of machine vats, the mechanical saws and scissors, the dead ends and the sudden deaths, it all felt familiar, but not necessarily in a bad way.

The Doctor - liked him a lot more in this one, funnily enough. Maybe MacRae wrote him better: this mixture of determination ("We can mourn him when London's safe") and much needed compassion ("Can we do that?"). Tennant's expression when Mickey stood up for himself and said that he was going to do something said a lot: "Hmm, the worm turns" plus "I knew you had it in you". His interaction with Mrs. Moore was the best part of the episode, I love how she surprised him. Shame that she died, but I suppose nobody can be more clever than the Doctor. I have to say I loved the Monologue at the end. And he even acknowledged it! "That's the problem with me, I talk too much." Brilliant. I loved Mickey picking up his cues, I wish this had happened in other episodes - that Mickey had travelled with them for a little longer. Plus that wonderful "What did you expect?" expression when Pete walked away. And the way he leant against the Tardis door, watching Rose with Jackie. "We went away. Far away." And that simple comment on Mickey, "He's gone home." That's a lovely little epitaph.

Mickey - Mickey, why did you look back? Why do you want a hug from him? He's not worth it! Mickey grew by the minute in this episode, it's a shame that it came so early. That flowering of nobility at the end. I'm just a bit disappointed we didn't get to see his grandma again. I mean, she's one of the reasons he's staying in this universe, can we at least see that she's okay? Of course, Mickey got one of the best lines in the episode:
“Who would have thought, me and you off the old estate flying through the stars?” I liked the emotion in the farewell scene: tearful but resolute. And NOT giving in to Rose, for once. Yay, Mickey! Plus, of course, the immortal ending: “Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck.” Oh Mickey, I shall miss you. Miss you much.

Rose - the irritation with Rose fluctuated during this episode. I liked her resolution to go with Pete and she did keep to the rule very well until the end. But then she wrecked it all with that little "Dad". Honestly, woman, what did you EXPECT? He's lost his wife and you're some weird, random girl he's just met! *tsk* And then the whole "What about me" speech. *sigh* Still, I did like their farewell.

“Who would have thought, me and you off the old estate flying through the stars?”

“All those years just sitting there, imagining what we’d do one day, we never saw this, did we?”

You really got a sense of the history between them. Shame it was a BIT TOO LATE. Still, Rose did look awful when she got in the Tardis, so I felt a bit more charitable. A bit. She changed her clothes quick enough, though. :P

Having seen this episode, I can safely agree that Jake and Ricky were probably a couple. Poor Jake. I like how Mickey acknowledged his pain at the end. And the shooting star! Marvellous. Can't wait for The Idiot's Lantern.
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