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Belated Birthday Wishes to VO1 and Rainbabie

Belated Birthday Wishes to venusorbit1 and rainbabie1! Venus, expect a late birthday pressie this weekend.

venusorbit1, your Disney character is Heimlich the camp caterpillar from A Bug's Life! :D

You like comfort and are in touch with the needs of your physical body. At any age, you have a commanding presence and move through the awkward stages in life willingly and with a childlike innocence. You focus intensely on your future, knowing and believing that great things are in store for you. As a result, you centre your day-to-day activities on preparing for that distant goal

Magical Gifts: Heimlich bestows you with persistence, foresight, and friendliness. He encourages you to put your heart and soul into manifesting your dreams.

Keys To Your Success: Enjoying where you are at the moment.

Heimlich's Best Bits

Rainbabie, your Disney characters are Rutt and Tuke from Brother Bear!

You are earthy and enjoy nature and the outdoors. Your material tastes and habits are fixed; once you find a routine that works, you stick with it. In contrast, your mind is flexible and loves to engage in playful teasing. There's no rushing you, and you live life at a slow and pleasurable pace. You are devoted to loved ones and sensitive to their needs.

Magical Gifts: Rutt and Tuke bring the gifts of caring, wit, and ease. Call on them when you need to laugh and relax.

Keys To Your Success: Putting family first.
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