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Happy Birthday, Marchesa and ChibiAngel!

Happy Birthday to my friends marchesa_04 and chibiangel413!

Marchesa, your Disney character is Pip from Enchanted!

It's crucial for you to be in environments where you can communicate effectively and be understood by others. Because you're astute and aware of people's intentions, you intervene if someone you care about needs helps. You dislike deception and will reveal the truth regardless of consequences of personal risk. Your insights bring knowledge anda wareness to people from many different lands.

Magical Gifts: Pip bestows the gifts of cleverness, spirit, and determination. He'l travel to distant places to help you live your dreams.

Keys To Your Success: Choosing the best world to live in.

ChibiAngel, your Disney character is Lewis from Meet The Robinsons!

You have a creative mind adept at coming up with solutions to complex and mundane problems. You're optimistic and have high hopes that your plans will work. When they don't, you grieve your losses and try again. Ultimately, you're working so hard because you want to make the world a happier place for everyone. You value family and friendship above all other achievements.

Magical Gifts: Lewis brings the gifts of ingenuity, insight, and kindness. He encourages you to use your imagination and never let failure hinder your success.

Keys To Your Success: Inventing a bright future.
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