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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Happy Birthday to Alexis Cartwheel and sugarcross!
SMHome - shiokaze_senshi
To alexiscartwheel! Alexis, I'm so sorry that I'm late with this but I hope you had a lovely birthday.

Your Disney character is Ryan from The Wild

You strive to emulate your personal heroes and heroines. You imagine the characteristics and knowledge you must possess to live up to their image. As a result, you can be hard on yourself, forgetting that mastering a skill takes time. Through experience, you become aware of your capabilities and view others and yourself more realistically and compassionately. You're aware of your emotions and express them freely.

Magical Gifts: Ryan brings the gifts of integrity, clarity, and spiritedness. He will help you move out of another's shadow and into your own light.

Keys To Your Success: Following your own path to greatness.

sugarcross, I hope you see this and enjoy it. :)

Your Disney characters are the Gargoyles from The Hunchback of Notre Dame!

You have many sides to your personality. Depending on the circumstances and the people involved, you can be dignified, mischievous or persusasive. Spending time alone and away from the action allows you to gain perspective. You're accepting of others, and they depend on your friendship and kindness. A private individual, you reveal yourself only to trusted companions whose company you respect and enjoy.

Magical Gifts: Hugo, Victor and Laverne bestow the gifts of wisdom, enthusiasm, and protection. When in need of compassionate advice, call on them for guidance.

Keys To Your Success: Having fun with your closest friends.

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Thank you, and bless you, Starsea! I have been looking everywhere for Disneystrology for myself and my characters since seeing the images on your LJ. The descriptions are spot on, and needless to say, I'm totally saving it <3

You're welcome! It's an awesome book, I hope you enjoy it. :)

Thanks!! I did have a very good birthday... a few of my friends came over and had dinner and drinks, and one of them even made me a cake!

And as sugarcross mentioned, the character descriptions are surprisingly accurate!

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