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Happy Birthday, Kihin!

Happy Birthday, dark_branwen! Hope you're having a great day with your friends and I hope you like your present (it's in progress). In the meantime, your Disney characters are... the Puppies from 101 Dalmatians! (Isn't that AWESOME?)

You are full of energy and want to be part of the action. Brave and resilient, you can lead as well as follow. You like adventure but also the comforts of home. Because you are adaptable, you make the best of any circumstance and always come out ahead. People find you endearing and offer assistance in your time of need. Family members can rely on your love and loyalty.

Magical Gifts: The Puppies bestow the gifts of contentment, enjoyment, and sociability. IN their eyes, we are all one big happy family.

Keys To Your Success: Sticking together as a group.

from Disneystrology by Lisa Finander
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