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From the land between Wake and Dream.

Computerless + Questions

My nana died yesterday at five past eight in the evening. At least it was peaceful and I saw her. The funeral is next Thursday, so I'll miss two classes, but that's it. And my laptop decided to die when my father was setting it up in my room, so he had to take it back. I wouldn't mind so much if I didn't want to get my commentary done and dusted so I can start on my essay.

1. Which do you prefer: carpet, bare floor, area rug?
Area rug, I think. Carpets hold dust, bare floors are too cold, but rugs are a nice balance between the two. Can you tell I'm a Libra? ^^;

2. You're in Dumbledore's Army and you've finally conjured a Patronus. What does it look like?
Ooh, hard. Probably a cat of some kind. A tiger; because tigers are the only cats which like water.

3. When you were ten years old, what did you do to stave off boredom in school, church, or any other place you were supposed to be "good?"
I daydreamed and also perfected a thoughtful expression; this means that whenever I look thoughtful, I'm not actually thinking anything, ha ha. Or I read, if I could get away with it.

4. How much makeup do you wear during a weekday?
Foundation and the occasional dab of mascara. Plus lipgloss, though I don't know if that counts.

5. What's your comfort food?
Mints, any mints. Imperial are a favourite.
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