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Happy Birthday, TDU and Orion!

Happy Birthday to my friends tdu000 and preshrunken! I hope you've had a lovely day, both of you.

Your Disney Character is Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas!

You are imaginative. You are good with your hands and use your creativity to make practical items. Your heart yearns for fulfillment, and you become restless when you feel trapped. Insightful, you sense the motivations and needs of others. You form friendships with unique individuals whose desires and thoughts are similar to your own. When in love, you gain the confidence to move towards your aspirations.

Magical Gifts: Sally bestows the gifts of premonition, empathy and ingenuity. Ask her for guidance when you are contemplating future goals.

Keys To Your Success: Believing that things will turn out okay.

from Disneystrology by Lisa Finander
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