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Happy Birthday, Amamama!

Happy Birthday to my dear friend, amamama! I love reading your posts, you have a way of looking at the world which reminds me that it's a beautiful place and we're all just trying to live in it.

Your Disney Characters are: Clank and Bobble from the Tinker Bell movie. Eh, I know, they're not very famous, but it's a cool description.

You bring joy to everything you do. Being part of a group in which your talents are needed and appreciated provides you with the support and encouragement you require to develop your expertise. You have an active mind and keep yourself energised by implementing your many ideas. A loyal and easygoing friend, people can always count on you to cover for them in a pinch.

Magical Gifts: Clank and Bobble give you the gifts of graciousness, optimism and potential. Playful and loving, they will help you discover the vocation that suits you best.

Keys To Your Success: Putting your natural abilities to good use.

from Disneystrology by Lisa Finander

This book is so much fun! All of my friends who show their birthdays on LJ are going to be getting their Disney character this year.
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