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Interview With St Margarets

stmargarets gave me these five questions

1. Which of your user names is your favorite and why?

2. If you could interview anyone - dead or alive - who would it be and what would your first question be?

3. What was the last thing you ate today?

4. Describe an ideal day.

5. How did you get into the HP fandom?

1. I like Starsea because some people call me 'Star' and some call me 'Sea' and then there's Yume, who calls me 'Xing' (Chinese for 'star').

2. My maternal grandmother. She died when I was eleven. I would ask her how she coped with divorcing from my grandad in the 1960s and made a new life for herself.

3. Half a cucumber (haven't had supper yet)

4. It's spring turning into summer. I'm living somewhere in Canterbury. I wake up at around eight o'clock and listen to the radio in my pjs before having a proper English breakfast, which I eat while reading one of the three books I've got on the go. Then I write until lunchtime, when one of my friends comes round and we wander around town, linger in the cathedral close, have a smoothie from the Shake Shed. Then I go home, where my beloved has a cup of tea waiting for me, and I write some more before we go out to The Sportsman for dinner. We come back to pack because we're off travelling over the weekend, probably to a book festival or a fan convention.

5. It was just before Order of the Phoenix came out. Someone on ASMR (which was my first internet home) mentioned The Sugar Quill as a place where you could chat about canon. It was quite small and people there were friendly and it was canon-compliant. I didn't know what this meant at the time. I was only vaguely aware of shipping. I didn't realise that people had been fighting a war over whether Hermione would end up with Ron or Harry and when I did find out, I was gobsmacked. Wasn't it obvious that Ron and Hermione were the couple? I discussed what might happen in the book and then it came out and I was devastated and wrote my first fanfic. Thus, I entered into the world of Harry Potter fandom. :)

I saw Deathly Hallows Part I for the second time yesterday, alone. This time I had an opportunity to concentrate on the details. I love all the things they put in the newspapers which will only be spotted by people who've read the books. Oh wait, that sort of applies to the movie as a whole, doesn't it? *cough*

Emma Watson has finally tamed her eyebrows and I was really happy with her performance, it's probably her best since... well, I'd say OotP. I get really fed up with how the films characterise Hermione as the proactive one while Harry and Ron hang back (what books were they reading?) but it was FINALLY okay, because that's actually how she is in this book. I just wish they hadn't made movie Harry so damn passive! And that goes double for movie Ginny! Why did Kloves write Harry like that? Daniel's certainly not quiet in real life, he bubbles over with energy! Did someone somewhere mistake quiet intensity for meekness? I don't know. Daniel is brilliant as the Seven Potters, he seems more at ease with the comedic scenes (though there aren't many in this movie). Rupert Grint's pretty fantastic in this movie. Previously, it's always seemed to me like he grabbed every dramatic scene he was given with both hands, so DH Part I is a golden opportunity for him. Yeah, yeah, I'm a Rupert fan but I think general opinion backs me up. Of course I admired just how broad his shoulders have become and his physicality in general, but more importantly, he finally had a script that gave him some proper snarky lines and some edge. It seems like the filmmakers finally remembered that Ron and Harry are best friends. When was the last time we had a proper Ron/Harry scene in the films? If you're not counting the brilliant but wordless moment when Harry awakes from a nightmare in OotP and sees Ron watching over him? I'm having trouble remembering.

Yes to Bill Nighy as Scrimgeour, though I feel like the character didn't have as much impact as I wanted, because once you take away the tension with Harry, he becomes just another Minister for Magic. He actually came across as sympathetic in the talk not pressured and aggressive. I've seen people complain that the camping sequence was like an advertisement for Visit Britain but I'm not sure they would show bleak clifftops and the underside of the Severn Bridge, an abandoned caravan park and a ruined power station. The whole point about the locations is that they emphasised the trio's isolation, both as a group and as individuals, and the increasing deterioration of Ron's mental state. There is absolutely no sound in Godric's Hollow, which adds to the eerieness and the Nagini scene was almost unbearable to watch. There's a shot when Harry first lights the candle in Bathilda's cottage where her eyes are completely black and it made me shiver the second time as well as the first. Even if they did cut very carefully around Nagini's 'exit' from Bathilda, there was enough left in there to give you the gist of what was going on. Oh, I also love that when Ron comes back, the SUN COMES OUT for the first and last time in this movie! I don't think that was planned - you can't plan the English weather - but it made me want to laugh. Yes, we get it, Ron is back and things are looking up! Still, I did love that moment. However, if Hermione tying that scarf around the tree was supposed to be a clue that they'd buried Mad Eye's eye - they needed to make it a hell of a lot clearer. I just thought she was trying to show Ron they'd been there!

I think it's probably my second favourite adaptation. We'll see if Part II keeps up the standard.
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