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Colour Meme

Comment and I'll give you a colour that I think represents you, and then you list ten things you like in that colour!

amamama gave me 'Sea Green'. Not sure if I can manage 10 things but I'll try.

1. My favourite A-line skirt from East. It's hand-wash linen with a satin hem. The first time I wore it to lunch with my parents in Cheltenham, the heavens opened and I was soaked, but the dye did not run. I love to wear it and feel pretty.

2. My top from Monsoon, which has a very low scoop neck. Because I have a large bust, a low scoop neck does not look trashy on me, but flatters the figure.

3. My sandals from Clarks. They are quite old now, and more of a light green, but I still love wearing them because they're light and so cool.

4. My long dangly sparkling earrings from Marks & Spencer, which complete the outfit.

5. My old jacket from Debenhams.

6. Arthur Darvill's eyes. (He plays Rory in Doctor Who.)

7. This painting which gives me a happy, peaceful feeling.

8. Green Sea Turtles, not 'sea green' exactly but they are from the sea and they are green! They are also critically endangered. :(

9. Sea Green See Blue by JayMay

10. The sea itself!
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