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Showtime Meme

Comment with “SHOWTIME!” and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favorite films of theirs. flourhurricane gave me these.

01. Hugh Laurie - sadly, I haven't seen Hugh in many films, but I still think "Sense & Sensibility" is the best

02. Robert Downey Jr. - it's either the first "Iron Man" or "Sherlock Holmes"... I can't decide; maybe that will change when I see "A Guide To Recognising Your Saints"

03. Forest Whitaker - "The Last King of Scotland" without a doubt

04. Tom Hanks - "Apollo 13", it's the beginning of him being cast as the great American Everyman but he's not typecast by "Forrest Gump" yet and he's so strong and central in this film (plus, Gary Sinise is in it too)

05. Bruce Willis - "The Sixth Sense", cliched but true

06. Robin Williams - "Aladdin", I know it's a cartoon but he completely steals the show

07. Jude Law - "Sherlock Holmes", without a doubt, it's the only film where he's actually likeable

08. James McAvoy - "ATONEMENT". Broke my heart but so beautiful.

09. Morgan Freeman - "The Shawshank Redemption". Come on, do I need to give a reason?

10. Alec Baldwin - "The Shadow". I know, I know.

01. Cate Blanchett - fnnnng, just one? Okay, "Elizabeth". She's amazing in all her films but this is the first film where I saw her and was blown away by her portrayal of Elizabeth Tudor, who's one of my historical heroines, and her cheekbones.

02. Kate Winslet - "Holy Smoke", where she plays an Australian who experiences a spiritual awakening in India. Her parents are appalled by this and make her come back so they can 'unbrainwash her'. They hire a character played by Harvey Keitel, who's supposed to be the expert in cases like this. Only it doesn't quite work out like that...

03. Sally Field - "Forrest Gump", because it's the only film I've seen her in. *cough*

04. Keira Knightly - "Pride and Prejudice". Yes, yes, I know that as a purist, I should love the BBC series more. I do love the BBC series, but I also think that Keira was a great Lizzie and I loved Matthew Macfadyen as Darcy.

05. Meryl Streep - "The Hours", where she plays a modern Clarissa Dalloway. Although "Death Becomes Her" comes VERY close.

06. Cameron Diaz - it's still "The Mask", which was her very first film.

07. Julia Roberts - "Notting Hill". Okay, she is sort of playing herself but she is very likeable in this film, which is not always the case.

08. Natalie Portman - She's one of my favourite actresses, how do I choose?! "Leon" or "Beautiful Girls" or "Garden State" or "Closer"? Although I love "Leon" more, I think she's BETTER in "Beautiful Girls" and she has a harsher character in "Closer"...

09. Charlize Theron - "The Cider House Rules"

10. Scarlett Johansson - "Lost In Translation". I love this film so much and she's the still point at the centre of it all
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