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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Eleven/River - Soul Sister
DWOld Married Couple - signed_aislynn

That's right, back with another one! This is a vidlet (the video equivalent of a novella) celebrating the relationship between River and the Eleventh Doctor in Series 5. THANK YOU to flourhurricane who gave me the song in the first place and jaded_jamie for... well, you know. ;)

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I really, really hate that song...so much that I change the station when it comes on the radio. I mean really, '...my untrimmed chest'? Urg.

Ah, sorry? ^^;; At least I didn't use that bit!

(Lol interesting comment above.)

I thought it was very sweet! I especially loved :43-:48, the clip you chose combined with the lyric was a perfect OTP of vidding. :D And you have cracked the widescreen!!!! \o/

you have cracked the widescreen!!!! \o/

YEEEEEEEEEEES! *pumps the air* Good God, the YouTube embed was huge, though! That's why I uploaded it to Vimeo, at least you can choose how big the vid is with them. It looks mighty pretty full screen though. XD

I especially loved :43-:48, the clip you chose combined with the lyric was a perfect OTP of vidding. :D

Thank you! :D Haha, I'd forgotten how obviously Eleven was perving on her in that scene until I came back to make the video. He is definitely thinking dirty thoughts, you can tell just from the smirk - and River's loving it. That warm smile she has on her face as he laughs and turns away is such a great moment. I'm so happy you liked it.

Hey, I just found this and it's delightful! Really nice song choice. Happy and big and wide. :)

Hey, thanks for commenting! :) I'm really happy you liked it. The song does feel like it was written for them, with that big, open feeling (Drops of Jupiter OTOH, definitely Rory/Amy). When we get more River footage, I will make a full vid to the song.

Icon love! <3 You have to love the way Alex Kingston says that line. I can't imagine anyone else as River, I just can't.

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