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R/J Drabble II

Happy Birthday to helensheep and bianca_fiore! This is for you.

A sequel to this one.

Jadeite was lying on his back in the rooftop pool, staring up at the clouds, when he heard Mars call his name. He didn't move for a few seconds - he'd finally calmed down from her assault and he was reluctant to relinquish the peaceful sensation of floating in warm water with nothing in his head - but then he heard footsteps walking closer and dropped his legs to float upright in the water. Apart from anything else, it meant that his swimming trunks were well hidden.

"Can I help?" he asked, trying to be polite.

Mars was biting her lip, looking visibly uncertain. It was unusual for her to show any sort of weakness, especially around him. Maybe she was still suffering the aftereffects of the possession? He swam to the side of the pool and looked at her, waiting.

"Did I do something to you?" she asked.

"Do something?" he repeated, his mind in a whirl. What should he say? If he told her what had actually happened, she might accuse him of lying and that would be the end of... well, anything. On the other hand, he couldn't lie to her and say nothing had happened because... she'd probably find out that he was lying and again, that would leave him with nothing.

"When I was possessed." Her eyes held him, hypnotic violet blue that made him want to drown. "Did I do something to you? I remember..." She glanced down at her feet, releasing him. "I pushed you against a wall."

"You were possessed," he said, trying to make it a statement. "Whatever you did... it wasn't you."

"So something did happen," she pursued, eyes narrowing.

Even when she was vulnerable, she was strong. He loved that about her. But then, he loved everything about her. Life would be much easier if he could find something that didn't attract him. Even her temper was a plus in his eyes rather than a minus. "Look," he said, pushing himself out of the water. Startled, she took a few steps backwards and he took the opportunity to stand. "Why don't you tell me what you remember?"

Mars looked down for a moment. "I told you... I pushed you against the wall."

"And?" Jadeite prompted, bending forwards slightly. "If that was all you remembered, you wouldn't be so uncomfortable."

Her head came up again, eyes flashing a warning. "I kissed you, okay? I didn't want to kiss you... I wanted to eat you... or something like it..." Her fingers curled into fists. "But you didn't respond."

Jadeite stared. "You were possessed," he repeated, wondering how many times he'd have to say those words. Every repetition was an extra pinch of salt rubbed into his wound. "Mars, if you remember that much, you must remember my... physical reaction. But you weren't yourself. Responding... would have been wrong. Taking advantage of you. Same if you were drunk or on drugs."

Her eyes remained fixed on his face, their colour shifting slightly, darkening to purple. "Chivalry?" she whispered.

It was Jadeite's turn to clench his fists. "I know you think I'm the scum of the Earth, Mars, but that doesn't mean I would kiss someone who-" He stopped speaking, his eyes widening as one hand grabbed the back of his head and brought him down to her level and her lips touched his for the second time in one day. This kiss was different: softer, tentative. Despite her bold actions, she was still unsure about this, unsure of his reaction. He was suddenly very aware that he was half naked and dripping wet but she didn't seem to mind. He mirrored her action, cupping the nape of her neck and returning the kiss, a little harder, a little stronger. Her whole body shuddered, hips rising instinctively to meet his, and she gasped as she felt his reaction.

Thinking that he'd tested her enough, Jadeite lifted his head slightly and took stock of the situation. Her cheeks were red but her eyes were clear, focused... and not angry. This day was turning out to be one of the best days of his life.

"Thank you for being so honourable," Mars whispered.

He had to clear his throat before he could respond. "My pleasure."

She stepped back and he let her go.

"I'll see you at dinner?" she asked, her tone soft, even hopeful.

Jadeite took her hand and briefly kissed the soft flesh between her knuckles, feeling her shiver again. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," he murmured.
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