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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

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Rory & Amy - Beauty or Truth?
Spring - luna_ann

My latest Doctor Who video! Not as beautiful as my previous one but I'm happy with some of the cuts and the last 30 seconds. The song is Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? by Paloma Faith. Please comment and critique!

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No, no, don't apologise at all! I am so happy that you wrote a long comment! I feel very flattered that you paid so much attention to the vid. I will definitely try and find out how to export it with a 16x9 ratio in WMM (I think I know someone who can tell me that now!). And I will continue to work on eradicating Talky Face. ;)

Tbh at first I saw that it was Amy/Rory I went, "Awww hell, she's making me watch Amy/Rory! Fuuuuu!" But it really surprised me! It was very moving and you really did a great job with the story.

Yay! That's the best compliment you could ever give me! I'm glad that you were moved, because I think it is very sad that Rory had to die for Amy to see how much she loved him (but not unrealistic, there are many people who don't realise how much they loved someone until that someone is gone). And then of course, Cold Blood happened. :(

I was really surprised by the complexity of the relationship between Amy and Eleven that you brought into it, particularly because I feel like fandom tends to forget it now that we have epic love between Amy and Rory.

I think it IS a complex relationship. Because the Doctor formed that bond with Amelia (Eleven is SO much better than Ten with kids) and convinced her that he could solve everything, Amelia put all her hopes on him. He understood her fears, he told her she was brave, he was ever so much nicer than absent Aunt Sharon and this stuffy little village. Then he disappeared and she had to spend the next 12 years pretending that he was someone she'd made up, and she got very angry and upset with him for never coming back, a normal reaction. I'm pretty sure Amy knew who he was the moment she saw him, which is precisely why she hit him with a cricket bat (he's lucky she only hit him on the head!). And then, when she was finally vindicated about his existence and how fantastic he was, he disappeared AGAIN! And now she's a grown woman, so all those feelings of hero worship and replacement father figure becoming mixed up and confused with sexual attraction. I like Amy, but when it comes to Eleven, she is an emotional mess. She expects him to fix everything, like a kid. She expects him to fix Rory's death, for heaven's sake. She needs to accept the Doctor is fallible - she went straight from thinking he was a fraud and a trickster to thinking he's all-powerful. Neither view is the right one.

I'm eyerolling to fandom, not to you or your vid because even if I'm not particularly fond of the way this relationship was handled onscreen, I definitely see and prefer the more complex version you managed to pull off in the vid.

I have issues with this relationship - Amy viewing Rory as a back up and never telling him how important he is, while Rory lets her walk all over him in return for being her boyfriend - but there is real emotion there. I was surprised when I was editing the video by the sweet moments between Amy and Rory in this episode. But the episode also makes clear the problem between them: Rory is eager to grow up, Amy doesn't see why you have to grow up in the first place. Rory's Wendy and Amy is Peter Pan. Just like Wendy, Rory is more willing to adapt to Amy than she is to him. That's why I felt those lyrics from the song - "I can be who you want me to be, but do you want me?" - fitted Rory so well.

It's a long reply but it's only because I wanted to respond to all the points you brought up. Thank you so much for commenting.

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