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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Lucky Sunday
DWTogether - what_a_pair
Two good things happened today.

David Mitchell personally responded to one of my Tweets. Pretty petty, but nice all the same. For those who don't know who David Mitchell is: Biography He's a bit like a younger Stephen Fry, not quite as famous but very funny.

And I found two four-leaf clovers. Yes, you read right, two.

I need to make more of an effort to post in the LJ about myself and in general, so I will try and do that during this month. :)

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I know it is slightly pathetic, but seriously, my crush on him knows no bounds. It may be bigger than my crush on Stephen Fry. Do you know how hard it is for me to have a crush bigger than the one on Stephen Fry? Answer: VERY VERY HARD.

I adore him. So much. GUH.

Hey, at least it got you to comment on my LJ for the first time in forever! :P But I love him, too, so I am NOT a trollop! *lol*

It is not pathetic to have a crush on an intelligent man, sweetie. And hey, at least he's heterosexual. So that's already a step in the right direction. ;)

You are a trollop, he is my TV boyfriend until someone better comes along!

No, it is pathetic because sometimes, I day-dream about him. Which I suppose is better than when I used to dream-dream about Stephen Fry, and they were a steamy series of dreams despite the fact that I have girl bits and would not interest him in the least.

I have to say, too, while I prefer cuddly-chubby Stephen, I also prefer svelte and recent David. Though I feel I have less of a chance with him. (So, exactly no chance at all.)

Dara O'Briain recently lost weight as well, even more noticeably. And you're a girl. You DEFINITELY have a chance with him whereas you'd have no chance at all with Stephen, adorable as you are.

My youngest aunt --she's no longer with us-- used to collect four leaf clovers. Do you press them in books and were you lucky enough to find one that had tiny flowers?

I do press them in books, I've still got the last one. :) But I've never found one with flowers.

That's fun about David Mitchell. He replied to one of the Designer's once as well, not to make you feel any less special :-P.

I have to disagree about comparing him to Stephen Fry though. He's a lot less out-there compared to Stephen Fry and a lot more of a Joe Average. But then, I don't watch panel games so maybe he's different in those to how he is in columns and TV shows.

Yes, that's why I said he was a "bit like" a younger Stephen Fry. ;) I was just finding a comparison for my American friends that would mean something. Maybe Stephen Colbert would have been a better example.

Love the icon by the way, it made me laugh. Hope you're well. :)

I know I know! I'm a nitpicker. *blush*

Is Peep Show shown in the US, I wonder?

I am well, thank you. Good skills on the 4-leaf clovers, by the way!

I am the last person to criticise anyone for being Hermione-ish. :)

And thanks, I wish I could say that it was down to skill but it's just because I keep looking for them! *lol*

That is pretty rad, actually. :)

How did the brief tweet conversation go?

Well, I just pointed out that, despite drawing some good historical parallels between the bankers being the new Germans, his article in the Observer didn't make any mention of how the Great Depression was the catalyst for the Nazis' ascent to power. He said that was a good point but best kept for another article. That was it. :)

Isn't it amazing when cool people respond to tweets? I've been trying to get Rachel Maddow to reply to me for ages, but I'm just not worthy. So thats quite cool :D

I was completely caught off guard! Not only did he respond but he actually thinks I made a good point. Considering I only did GSCE History (so the equivalent of an SAT in it) and he studied it at Cambridge, that's amazing!

My grandmother used to be very big on finding four leaf clovers... apparently she had a special strategy for finding them. I've never managed to find a single one though, so maybe I'm just an unlucky person :(

I am so. jealous. about David Mitchell. He's my favourite comedian crush (He's so funny! And has such shiny hair!)

I should come and visit and help you find one then! :D

I am so. jealous. about David Mitchell. He's my favourite comedian crush (He's so funny! And has such shiny hair!)

Yeah, my friend Kate (see above) was not impressed. I was mainly chuffed because he studied history at Cambridge and I only did GCSE History but he still thought I had a good point! :D

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