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R/J Drabble

Jadeite groaned. If Pluto had been honest and told him that his first assignment on being reawakened would involve being klonked on the head by a possessed Mars, he had to be honest, he might have turned the whole thing down. She was beautiful but surely no woman was worth the feeling that your head was being split in two?

He opened one eye and saw her standing over him, breathing hard. How to persuade someone who had killed you once before and could quite easily do it again that killling you was a bad idea? The fact that he could be easily resurrected was not at all comforting, he would come back looking like something off a barbecue grill. He really hoped that the cave youma hadn't turnd her into some sort of cannibal. This could get nasty.

"Mars," he began, wincing as she bent down and dragged him to his feet, "you don't want to do this."

"Yes," she breathed, "yes, I do."

Before Jadeite could do anything, let alone protest, she pulled his face towards her and kissed him. Well, it wasn't really a kiss so much as a mashing of lips but his erection didn't seem to care about that. He wasn't sure what the hell was going on but he no longer cared. She shoved him against the wall, hands grabbing at the bottom of his tunic, grunting something which sounded like "Get this off". It really was unfair. Any other time, he would have already had her up against the wall, but he had to make a token effort to resist, since she was under a spell and all. He grabbed her wrists and pulled them up, forcing her to look at him.

"Mars, baby, you know I want you," he said, thinking he might as well be truthful since she could already feel the evidence, "but I don't want our first time to be in a dark, smelly cave where a youma could interrupt us. And the other senshi are also in here and I definitely don't want THEM interrupting, especially since they'll probably think I'm raping you and cut off my balls without a second thought."

"Oh..." She looked down and frowned. "Definitely don't want that. I need them."

"I need them, too," he agreed, "so let's just kill the youma, get out of here, find somewhere private and continue this there, yeah?"

She looked up at him and pouted. This, more than anything, told him she wasn't in her right mind. Mars never pouted, she had too much pride. "But I want you," she said sadly.

Jadeite was now convinced that the universe was a sadist. The words he'd always wanted to hear and he had to ignore them. "I know, but we have to go and fight now," he said, praying that her love of battle would overwhelm this spell-induced lust and simultaneously praying that it wouldn't and that she'd throw him to the floor and ride him like a cowgirl.

Mars blinked. "Fight," she said slowly, savouring the word. "Yes. Fight!" She turned and vanished into the darkness, already preparing a Fire Arrow.

Jadeite's knees gave out and he slumped to the floor. Never mind the youma, he was going to die of frustration.
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