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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

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The Master Running - A Doctor Who Video
DWThe Bell Tolls - immobulus_icons
Here it is, my second Doctor Who video (my second video ever, actually):

Mainly based on The End of Time Part One with a clip from Part Two. The banging on the oil drum was my attempt to show the constant drumming inside the Master's head. I know that the timing is a little out in places but I just didn't have the energy to mess around with that any more. I think the editing is tighter than my first one and there are less ghost frames. And hollywoodgrrl, I know you said that talky-face was more for crack videos, but since it's the Master and Part One was nearly pure crack any way, I thought I could get away with it. ;)

Comments and criticism welcomed!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much! :)

Yeah, the timing was a little bit off, as you said, but the song is a good fit for The Master and you used appreciate scenes.

I'm glad you think the song suits him.

And hey, it's only your second video. This one was better than the first one and you'll keep getting better and better at this. :)

Hee! I hope so! :)

Eep - excellent use of the skull face!

Hee! I must agree that the skeletor head and the drum banging was inspired. Well done and much improvement from the first, yay!!!

Wow, 'inspired', that means a lot coming from you, thanks! :D I completely lucked out that my terrible edit of the two Wilf scenes coincided with a beat in the music; same with the lightning flashes on the Immortality Gate. And to know that it's really improved from the first, that's the best thing you could have said. Again, all thanks to you for sending me the song.

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