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Comment Meme!

I shouted "Exterminate!" at gipsy_dreamer and she asked me these questions. Comment with the word "ivy" and I will ask you six questions. :)

1: Nine shows up on the corner of your road because he gave the TARDIS the wrong coordinates. What's your first reaction? Well first I'd dive back inside my flat and scream in shock and excitement. Then I'd try and sneak inside the TARDIS, get shouted at and probably scare the hell out of him by flinging my arms around him.

2: If you saw a lone Dalek coming up the street would you run for your life or give it a cuddle? I'd hide behind a car and then go and get Nine. ;D

3: What do you like to do in your spare time? Read, write, laze around, visit places, go to the cinema, swim, I'm going to take up belly dancing classes again. I like to browse YouTube, Wikipedia and I want to re-learn horse riding.

4: Do you have a garden? What's in it? Not really. I have a little patch of grass in front of my flat. I have two pots. One is filled with feverfew and a small pine tree, the other has a lily. All of them are still alive, so I'm proud.

5: You're offered your dream holiday; where do you go to and why? Vienna with someone who speaks German. Or Prague. Because they're both gorgeous.
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