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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Who would have thought it?
DWNo Way! - tenfeethigh
First Matthew Lewis turns into the next James Bond: Click for Eye Candy

Now Harry Melling's gone and done it (Harry plays Dudley): Unrecognisable!

Who's next, I wonder?

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I would like that but I don't think it will happen, sadly. :(

It's interesting that he talks about type casting. He won't have that problem at all, but the lead former child actors might. People might look at them and think Harry, Ron or Hermione. To some extent he and Mathew Lewis won't have that problem because they've been changed physically so much for the part. And people don't associate their current looks with the character.

It's a good point, Vega. I can't wait to see what Matt and Harry get up to (Harry's already starring with Fiona Shaw in "Mother Courage" in the UK). I need to get that "Matt Lewis for James Bond" T-shirt printed...

That's a pretty interesting role for him. The tee-shirt sounds great.

Mother Courage? Like Mother Courage and her Children? Like the Bertolt Brecht play?

What the heck?

Brecht is... Brecht is... Brecht is... Brecht!

Yes, as in that Mother Courage. XD Got some good reviews, actually, apparently Fiona Shaw is quite appealing in the part and you can understand why the cook's in love with her; according to the reviewer, it's often a bit bemusing why anyone would be in love with her!

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