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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Another Award! =)
Autumn - sunlitdays

Made by the wonderful dark_branwen because I finally managed to write a drabble for each day of February. I have an icon too but I'm only allowed six so I'll wait to use that. By the way, the lovely Queen Serenity icon that you see on my journal page is made by mochibuni, who also made my Nephelenia icon. :)

In other news, my time management sucks but I finally got Vol. 5 of Paradise Kiss. I don't want to say it sucked because it didn't but where did that ending come from? I felt like I'd been hit over the head. And I'm going to meet Arabella from SQ this weekend. Very excited. :D

Yay for Curse of the Were-Rabbit and Rachel Weisz winning Oscars! I was so proud. I was also glad that Reese Witherspoon won, although I don't understand why everyone is calling her a Hollywood sweetheart. To my knowledge, she's never won anything before. Explanation, please?

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I'm so glad Reese won, as well as Rachel. *is extremely happy Michelle Williams didn't get supporting actress* But I was disappointed that Terrance Howard didn't win for Hustle & Flow. He did an amazing job. I really liked the film surprisingly. I mean normally MTV films leave much to be desired but this one had soul. Okay enough of my rambling....

I'm guessing the reason for Reese's "Hollywood Sweetheart" is because she seems like such a kind person. Very likable. Also, she's blonde and sort of reminds me of the whole Marilyn Monroe thing, with the except of her not being ditz and a sex object. It also doesn't hurt that she's from the south.

Actually, I see Reese more as friendly and approachable... kind has more to do with actions than social appearance ^__^;; But that's just me, so uh.. yeah... I mean, okay, I can live with kind ^_____^;;

yeah, I meant kind to mean both friendly and approachable. ^_^

I'm a HUGE Rachel Weisz! Oh, and she gave such a lovely speech too *___* I want to be that... that... elegant!

hmm.. maybe what I meant to say is stately instead of elegant XD

did I like, completely skip the HUGE Rachel Weisz FAN part? -_-;; I am uh.. not a "HUGE Rachel Weisz"... just a fan who can't seem to completely type down her thoughts -_-;;

The image of Reese as a "sweetheart" has been around since Sweet Home Alabama, when she "proved" (?) she could do more than play Ellie Woods.

Anyways, congrats on the drabble win! :D

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