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July Stories

Title: Essentials
Author: Starsea
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Little Black Dress
Genre: General/Romance
Version: Manga
Rating: PG

Every woman should have one. Hers was a slinky number from Chanel, with black ribbons that criss-crossed all the way up her back, teasing the viewer with glimpses of smooth, golden flesh. She loved it for three essential reasons.

1. It showed off her legs and reminded everyone that she had the best pair on the planet.

2. It was the only piece of clothing she owned that was black (underwear didn't count) and so whenever she wore it, she immediately made an impact.

3. It was very, very easy to take off in a hurry, which was why Kunzite loved it, too.

Title: Heartbroken
Author: Starsea
Medium: Fanfic
Theme: Mourning
Genre: General
Version: Anime/Manga
Rating: G

"Minako?" Artemis nudged open the door and peered around the side. "Mina?" He spoke softly, partly so Minako's mother wouldn't hear and partly due to Minako's state of mind at this time. She was still lying on the bed, face bured in her pillow, so he walked in and jumped up.

"I can't stand it, Artemis." Her voice was muffled. "He's gone. I can't believe he's gone."

Artemis felt helpless. Nothing in his life had prepared him for this situation. "It's not the end of the world-"

"How can you say that?!" Burning, bloodshot eyes glared at him, the blue iris almost fluorescent against the red. "Sasaki Akito is dead! Nothing will ever be the same again, do you understand? NOTHING!" The head was buried in the pillow once more.

Artemis counted to ten. "I understand you're upset, but do you really need to wear those clothes and put up pictures of him everywhere?"

"I'm in MOURNING!" Minako snapped.

"I didn't realise the Gothic Lolita fad was about mourning," Artemis said dryly, and leapt off the bed as Minako threw a stuffed animal at him. "At least come down and eat something!" he added. "Fasting won't bring him back!"

"We're all fasting, Artemis, it's a sign of respect!"

Artemis finally lost it. "Minako, we're talking about a character in a SOAP OPERA! He wasn't REAL!"

"How DARE YOU?!" Minako leapt to her feet, not caring if her mother heard. "He was real to ME! To thousands of innocent, vulnerable teenage girls! Sasaki-san carried our hearts so gently in his hands and now he is gone!" She flopped back on the bed, arm over her eyes. "If you can't understand what a terrible tragedy this is, I don't want to speak to you." She pointed a dramatic finger. "Get. out."

Artemis turned and slunk into the hallway. He decided to go and see Luna. Luna would understand - Usagi was in mourning, too.
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