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It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly.

A couple of weeks ago, Mum and Helen and I went to see Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (which is where J.M. Barrie conceived of the story in the first place). It was in a great big pavilion in case of bad weather. Of course, that day, the weather was perfect. We came up on the train, the first time we'd all been to London together. My mum loves the train; if she could, she'd travel by train and bus all the time, so she was already happy by the time we got to Waterloo.

Where we saw PAUL McCANN. Yes, Eight himself was standing there by WH Smiths on his mobile phone. I did not quite turn into a screaming fangirl but I did stare, because I was so excited. Fortunately, if he noticed me acting like an idiot, he was too used to it to react.

We then headed off to Portobello Market (which is on Portobello Road in West London). Portobello Market is one of the largest weekly antique markets in the world, mainly because Portobello Road is very, very looooooong. It was packed and full of people who wouldn't move, which is exactly what I hate about shopping in crowded place. My sister was in her element, though. We saw lots of beautiful things which would not fit in our flats and found a little undercover market called The Good Fairy which is one place I did like. Lots of little stalls, each specialising in different antiques.

We had lunch in Kensington Gardens and then went to the pavilion. The stage was round, almost 360, so even though we were near the back, it didn't matter because we still had a great view. There were so many little kids in the audience and they were all enthralled. The cast all had harnesses, so they really could fly, and the ceiling was a green screen so they had a CGI background of leaves or the sky, whatever they wanted. But the best thing about the play were the animals, which were perfectly made puppets: Nana was a life-size dog, animated by a man who walked around and made amazing dog noises; the Lost Boys were followed about by a tiny white ostrich-like bird; and then there was the crocodile. The crocodile was a massive wooden contraption, moved by two men, and when it came on stage, the crowd went completely silent. When it finally moved off, there was a round of spontaneous applause, just for that animal. During the interval, when I went to get ice cream, a mother behind me asked her daughter what her favourite part was. "ALL of it!" came the immediate reply. I grinned to myself.

Okay, here's the spooky part. This is the actor who plays John Darling. Not only does he look like Robert Sean Leonard's little brother but his name is - get this - Arthur Wilson. Thank God it wasn't James Wilson, or it really would have felt like the fabric of the world was wearing thin.

I have a new iPod! <3 It's a purple Nano and I can't believe how much lighter and thinner it is than my old one, which was an original and was only three years old (lost in June after coming back from London). I'm making a playlist for my holiday to America and I can't wait to upload it with all the old music and especially my Exiles playlist.

And my desk is finally here! My beautiful mahogany writing desk! I will post some pictures later so that you can all admire it. I'm going to have this desk for the rest of my life, it will always be my writing desk. Now I just need a letter opener to go with it.

I should try and finish my challenge entries. *scurries off to write*
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