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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Torchwood: Children of Earth (SPOILERS)
Spring - luna_ann

HOLY CRAP, that was bleak. It pulled your guts out through your stomach, slammed them with a mallet, then tore your heart from your chest and tenderised that for good measure, so that in the end you were left gutted and empty, a sad whistling in your throat as Jack Harkness ran from the death and destruction.

I knew it was going to be bad. Ianto's death left me under no illusions. But I still wasn't prepared for Jack having to sacrifice his OWN GRANDCHILD to beat the aliens. Urgh, the shaking and the bleeding, and Alice having to WATCH (good parallel with what happened to Clem, though). And Jack having to sacrifice someone ELSE to save the Earth after what he just went through with Ianto and knowing that his daughter will NEVER forgive him. (Speaking of Alice, why isn't Johnson dead? She promised that she'd kill Johnson if anything happened to Steven.)

I'm really glad they didn't bring Ianto back, though. A resurrection would have been way too convenient.

Why did the soldiers suddenly just stop trying to capture Gwen and the girl? Were they informed by their earpieces it was okay? *TSK*

All the Gwen haters, please STFU. Do you think it's EASY for Gwen? Oh yes, she has Rhys, she has the baby. Ever heard of survivor's guilt? Jack isn't the only one who can feel guilty for being alive. Let's forget about the fact she lost three people whom she was very close to in the space of ONE YEAR. Let's forget that Jack running away means that she has to clear up the mess ALONE (yes, she has Rhys, and Rhys is a lovely man, but he wasn't part of Torchwood, he wasn't the one who held her as she cried over Ianto's dead body, he isn't responsible in the way that Gwen is). And let's forget that she's now UNEMPLOYED and pregnant and the economy is up the spout and round the bend. I can't see her going back to the police force after all this.

"You can't just run away."

"Yes, I can. Just watch me."

Great character exchange there. Oh yes, he can and he will, because that's how he's always dealt with things and the Doctor's not there to make him face what happened, and neither is Ianto.

And the women are left to clean up the men's messes: Beatrice and Bridget Spears clean up Brian Green's mess, Gwen cleans up Jack's. However much things change... they always stay the same.

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Brilliant summation! Gwen = AMAZINGNESS. It boggles the mind when others don't seem to comprehend this. CoE was fantastic imo.

Thanks! And yeah, it's hard to see why people dislike her, but being in the HP fandom, I'm used to people getting rabid about a girl coming between the hero and their favoured choice of partner. It WAS fantastic... I just need to repair my insides before I watch it again.

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