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Writer's Block: Local Favorite

What's your favorite thing to show out-of-town guests when they come to visit?
Well, in some ways that's easy because there isn't much to show them in Gloucester, haha, so I'll do the four UK towns I've lived in.

The cathedral (of course), Miller's Green (where they filmed the 2008 Doctor Who Christmas special, here's a shot of the entrance), and the surrounding area. It's the most beautiful part of Gloucester. I'd also show them the Docks and the Guildhall, which has a great cheap cinema.

The High Street, the castle (well, more of a keep) and The Abbots Hospital, an almshouse that was built in the seventeenth century and is still going. To be eligible, you either have to be born in Guildford or you need to have lived there for... thirty years? Something like that.

The cathedral, again, you can't NOT see the cathedral if you come to Salisbury, it's the only reason the city exists in the first place. The Cathedral Close in general, which is utterly beautiful. I always try and go there when I visit the padres, brings me back to my school days (I walked through the close to get to my Spanish A-Level class.) Hmm, what else? Harnham is pretty, and maybe Old Sarum. Stonehenge if they were really eager to see it, though I prefer Avebury, bigger and quieter.

Everything. :D
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