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Return of the Xing

For those who wonder where I've been and why I've suddenly popped up again, I have been posting, but the posts weren't coming up on your flist. I posted a question about this. I got the usual response of "you need to mark the post at the top of your LJ 'Out of Date Order'". Thought I'd done that, but I checked just in case, and I had ticked the box. So I responded and said, "Yeah, I've done that, but I'm still getting a time error for new entries". Then one of the LJ administrators posted and said "It sounds like you're the victim of a rare error where LJ doesn't recognise the post is marked 'out of date order'." They told me how to solve the problem and apologised. So I wasn't being stupid and now the problem is solved! :D

Applied for my dream job yesterday: a position in a translation bureau that combines project management and proofreading. Wish me luck!
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