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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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This is a test
Autumn - sunlitdays
Testing... testing...


W00T! It worked! I am OFFICIALLY back on the flists, gels!

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Oh, I haven't seen a post from you in ages! What happened and how did you fix it? Missed you!

Awww *snuggles*

That's just it! I have been posting and the posts weren't coming up on the flist and so I posted a question about this. I got the usual response of "you need to mark the post at the top of your LJ 'Out of Date Order'". I thought I'd done that, but I checked just in case, and I had ticked the box. So I responded and said, "Yeah, I've done that, but I'm still getting a time error for new entries". Then one of the LJ administrators posted and said "It sounds like you're the victim of a rare error where LJ doesn't recognise the post is marked 'out of date order'." They told me how to solve the problem and apologised. So I wasn't being stupid and now the problem is solved! :D

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There you are!!! How are you?

I've been here for a while. Just not visible. See my response to mrstater. ^^;

I'm pretty good. Should make a post about applying for this job... but feeling a bit drained from writing the covering letter and sorting out this LJ problem.

I've missed seeing entries from you and talking to you! Your problem was so bizarre. I'm glad it got fixed! <3
(Do you ever use GMail these days to chat, or just AIM? I seem to rarely be on AIM anymore...)

AIM or MSN/Windows or Yahoo (thanks to the new Yahoo!mail) :)

It's nice to see so many people commenting.

You're on my flist! Yay!

(You clearly already know this, but I'm sharing my excitement anyway.)

(Deleted comment)
YES! XD No more invisible posts!


Ok. So I was lurking around the message boards on the Quill the other day (I was bored) and saw an unread message from you! I DO still have that copy of Rilla if you still want it. I SUCK sometimes.

Holy crap! *laughs* I'd completely forgotten about Rilla. Hold fire on that, as I'm coming to the US in September and will try and find the whole series while I'm here. If not, I will send you a message and ask you to post them to my friend's house (less postage for you). :)

I thought you were very quiet... Mind you, you presumably must have thought replies to your invisible posts were even more so?! What a crazy thing to happen, but it's nice to have you back. :)

Yeah, it was getting a bit depressing, seeing how hardly anybody commented. But that's over now!

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