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Weasley Spotting

Walking home today after work, I spotted two boys riding a bike. One of them was peddling and the other was standing on the spokes of the back wheels and holding onto his brother's shoulders, with a Sainsbury's plastic bag (which was orange, of course) on one arm. They were both golden redheads, and the one peddling was wide and muscular, with curly hair, while the one standing up was lankier, with longish wispy hair. Oh my God, Charlie and Bill! I thought, because it was such a Weasley thing to do! Reckless and yet breathtaking. (They weren't going fast, though, the peddler was taking it easy because of his passenger.) I could just imagine Charlie and Bill cycling down to the village shop on an old bike their Dad brought back from the MoM, then enchanting the pedals on the sly so that Charlie didn't actually have to do any work!

I went to Glastonbury for Easter. God, I love that place. This is the second time I've been there but the first time I could actually wander about at my own pace (first time I was with my family and therefore I didn't have as much choice about what we did). I visited the Chalice Well Garden, even in the rain that place is filled with serenity. The Glastonbury thorn was almost but not quite in bud. I sat by the well, listening to the rain, and then sat in the Angel's Seat (a bench that has an angel's face carved out of the stone and is sheltered by a bower of honeysuckle) and listened to the birds talking around me. (For gipsy_dreamer, there was a male blackbird, a female blackbird, and something which I thought was a greenfinch, but which, looking at illustrations, might actually have been a siskin! And of course, a resident robin, which was very curious about me and came extremely close, peeping at me as I whistled. <3) I wanted to climb the Tor again, but decided against that as it was rather wet and slippery. I had dinner in Cafe Galatea, which is a vegetarian cafe that's open until 11pm! In the UK! Almost unheard of. I will be going back again soon. Somehow. Although I might just be visiting this time, instead of staying, because the bus went through Wells on the way there and Wells is RIDICULOUSLY pretty. I need to investigate this city, stat.

Trying to get my life in order. Trying to finish unfinished projects. Success to be determined. Watch this space.
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