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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Notes from a sicko
Autumn - sunlitdays
1. WTF is John Sargeant still doing on Strictly Come Dancing? STOP VOTING FOR HIM! You want to vote for a mature dancer, vote for Cherie Lunghi! SHE'S got talent.

2. Alesha Dixon was so amazing on Something for the Weekend.

3. I think I may be developing a cold. I have the scratchy feeling in my throat, my nose feels hot and runny, my body temperature (which is always the first thing to be affected) is completely out of whack. I have that usual sense of my body separating and turning into fragile parts instead of a strong whole. Urgh. Lemsip ahoy.
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Voting for John Sargeant is just the British way, like voting for Daniel off X Factor. We just feel sorry for them, embarrassing themselves with lousy, cheesy, talentless performances and then bravely enduring the sneering of the judges with a smile and a shrug and a thankyou to the audience.
I doubt he'll be there for the final, but I don't expect the British public is ready to let go of their sympathy vote just yet. x
For some reason, your journal does not appear on my friends page anymore when you update. I don't understand how to change this, or if it is even in my power to do so. :(

:( I haven't de-friended you or anything, so I am not sure. Maybe you should ask someone a bit more technical than me. ^^; Or have a look in the Help section?

I know the British love an underdog but it's just embarrassing now. :X I do like John, don't get me wrong, think he's very funny, just... I do not enjoy watching him dance and then get slated.

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