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Better Luck Next Time

I haven't got the job. There was a letter waiting on the mat for me when I went to town today. It must have come yesterday but I didn't see. Oh well, I knew deep down. I knew from the moment I stepped out of the shop. I think the manager had something against me for the time mix up. I can't prove it but something inside me knows, deep down.

More applications await. I've got one for Greggs (a sandwich bar) and L.K. Bennett, a posh clothes shop. I liked the person who gave me the application form, both girls at the counter were friendly. I have a good vibe about it but I'm still going to apply to some others I saw. Unfortunately, the Guildford branch of Past Times is closing down or I'd have applied there. How sad.

Crunch time tomorrow: seeing my Economics and Technical translation tutors and the head of the department. I'll survive. What can they do? I'll just say it was a blip and I'm over it now. That's what I need to emphasise. It's over. I'm back on track. Yes.

More for sm_monthly

Title: Virtue and Vice
Author: sea_thoughts aka Starsea
Theme: sm_monthly Seven Deadly Sins
Genre: Comedy
Version: Manga (Dark Kingdom)
Rating: PG

Usagi's eye cracked open to look at the alarm clock. An hour and a half before school began, perfect. She just had time for a quick lie in. She reached out to switch the alarm off.


Usagi froze, literally caught in the act. The growl was unmistakeable. Licking her lips, she glanced over the blue mound of cover and saw Luna, curled up by her feet, also with one eye open, the blue hard and accusing like ice. Usagi dropped her arm and sighed. "Just five minutes, Luna, it won't hurt..."

"Usagi, five minutes is never five minutes with you!" Luna hissed, getting up in the slow way that always fascinated Usagi. First she stretched out both her front legs, as if admiring her paws and extended her claws, pushing her back right out and closing her eyes; then it was her back legs, slowly pushing up, and then she was almost on tiptoes for just a moment. Then she sat up, feet gathered neatly together like a ballerina and began to wash her face, just like she did every morning.

"How come you get up like that, Luna?" Usagi asked, watching from the comfort of her blue haven.

"Because it's the proper way to get up," Luna answered, still washing. "You humans should try it - then you wouldn't pull so many muscles. Your bodies would be better prepared. And speaking of getting up, Usagi..."

Usagi groaned and pulled the cover over her face. "Five... more... minutes..."

"Sloth is one of the seven deadly sins," Luna muttered, sinking her claws into the cover and pulling it back.

"Seven deadly what?" Usagi said, staring at her. She sat up and began to run her fingers through her hair, making sure there weren't too many tangles before she pinned it up in her usual buns.

Luna cleared her throat. "In the Catholic Church, there are seven deadly sins, and sloth - laziness - is one of them."

Usagi rolled her eyes, swinging her feet from the bed into her slippers and reaching for her hairbrush. "What are the others?"

"Greed, gluttony, envy, pride, lust and anger," Luna rattled off, watching as Usagi brushed her hair. "And they're deadly because they tarnish your soul."

Usagi made a face at her reflection as one bun slowly formed on top of her head and half her hair lifted up off the floor. "But everyone suffers from them sometimes, Luna... I mean, nobody's perfect!"

"Well, diligence is what should be used to counter sloth, maybe you should think about that," Luna said pointedly.

"I'm trying, okay?! It's not like I knew I was going to be a sailor senshi! Nobody told me I was going to do this, it's all new to me, why can't you just give me a break-?!"

"Usagi, keep your voice down!" Luna hissed. "I wasn't talking about being a sailor senshi. I know you try hard in that area of your life; it's everything else that lets you down."

Usagi sighed, pinning the other bun. "So what are the other virtues?"

"Generosity, patience, abstinence, humility, kindness and love," Luna replied

"Well, I was kind to you when I took that plaster off your forehead and I was patient when you scratched me," Usagi retorted. "And I try to be loving and I'm as generous as can be!"

"Yes, but humility is out of your reach at the moment," Luna retorted smartly and left the room before Usagi could reply.

That ended up being more fun to write than I thought it would be. ^_^
Tags: drabble, sm_monthly
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