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Russell T. Davies & John Barrowman Interview

Just been to Cheltenham Racecourse to see RTD and John Barrowman being interviewed about DW, TW and some other things, but most DW and TW. Rather frustrated at first, as I missed the shuttle bus up to the racecourse (there was NO indication on the tickets or the brochure where the bus would be). Fortunately, the taxi was cheap. Then we were all milling around on the ground floor of the meeting hall, and when the doors opened, they announced that people with A-J on their tickets should go upstairs. For God's sake! Why didn't they say that five or ten minutes BEFORE the doors opened? Or even put a sign up? Really poor organisation. The interview itself was loads of fun. I swear John has a portrait somewhere that gets older and older while he gets younger and younger. You just start him up and let him go on talking.

My personal highlights:

Caitlin Moran saying that she'd been at script meetings where someone had pointed out an enormous plot hole and Rusty had said, "Oh that doesn't matter, we'll explain that with one line!" I almost put my hands over my face, thinking Oh Rusty...

Russell talking about Russell Tovey, who played Midshipman Frayne in Voyage of the Damned, being talked up as the new Doctor and describing his agent "doubling his fee".

The story of hiring John Barrowman and what he walked in on.

John & David's farting contests. Apparently they can both fart at will and have farting contests on set. They have apparently come to the conclusion that David's smell and John's don't. And John has a crush on David, but I think we all knew that. ;)

John's version of camping ("My family doesn't go camping. My mother's idea of camping is a Holiday Inn and my idea is this: *does an effete dance routine with hand waving*")

Russell being bitchy to John about his book.

John being asked about Botox and telling the man to piss off (no, I'm not kidding), with the biggest smile on his face.

During the Q&A session, John saying "I'll do the young man over in the second row" and then saying "I have no idea why they're laughing" as everyone sniggered.
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