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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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They couldn't just leave it at "The Dark Is Rising", could they?
Facepalm - miss_jaffacake
Oh dear God. They are making a movie of The Little White Horse. Except it's not called that, it's called The Secret of Moonacre.

link for plot synopsis

They made Robin a de Noir? WHAT THE FUCK? Who the hell said this was okay? Robin is not a baddie! Robin is the good guy! He's the 'merry spirit'! How DARE you change that to make it some kind of Romeo and Juliet story? What about Loveday? (Btw, I saw a picture of Natacha McElhone as Loveday, she looked like some wild woman of the forest, WTF?) The two good things about this film: Dakota Blue Richards as Maria (she played Lyra in The Golden Compass and was very good and she definitely suits Maria for colouring and character) and Juliet Stevenson as Miss Heliotrope. Ioan Gruffudd is playing Sir Benjamin. Ioan Gruffudd! I'm perfectly happy to watch Ioan BUT HE IS NOT SIR BENJAMIN! They've made him about twenty years younger and SLIM. *bangs head on desk* IS NOTHING SACRED?!

Why... why...?
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