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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Blame it on the hand jive...
Autumn - sunlitdays
For this, my first entry, I shall share with you a revelation. It's been knocking around in my head for quite a while, but I wanted to save it for this. In any fandom where there is a group of girls and a group of guys, they will inevitably all get matched up together, right? I'm primarily thinking of Sailor Moon, but I know it happens in Harry Potter, and it probably happens in other fandoms as well, right? I finalised realised the root of this uniquely annoying trend.


That's right, you heard me. That wonderful musical which is on during every holiday of any note; everyone in your class knows the lyrics, and the ones who think they have any kind of dramatic or musical talent beg at least once a year to have it as the school play. Whenever the megamix comes on at a party, everyone sings along. Yes, that one.

You know why this is the root of multiple matchmaking? Because everyone gets matched up in the film! Think about it! The two rebels get together; the two weird ones get together; the two dumb ones get together; the ones who want something better get together, and of course, the two opposites get together. Hell, even Patty and Tom get together. Eugene doesn't get anyone, but that's okay because he's a geek. *rolls eyes* And everyone grows up watching this. So naturally, when you get a group of gals and guys in a fictional universe, they all get together with each other, don't they? It's what people do! Even Friends almost (but not quite) did this! (Note: I love Grease. I just try not to think about the social & sexual politics too much.)

We should start a campaign for valid fictional characters who can remain single. Especially if the character has no intention of marrying or just isn't interested in a relationship. Shakespeare recognised that Don Pedro wasn't going to get married at the end of Much Ado About Nothing, despite the fact it was a comedy, so I'm sure we can do the same. It's okay to have single characters. And by extension, it's okay to be single. You don't have to be with someone to be happy. Maybe I'll develop this thought one day.
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I think part of the root of the evil of all the characters hooking up is that our society (at least, I know American society does this) says, "Hey, you are only a valid person if you have someone else." Single is wrong in 99% of cases, unless you have a job that commands so much respect that it "makes sense" that you're single (like a doctor who is so busy with patients that s/he can't have a relationship without sacrificing his/her job). You need to be in or pursuing romance in order to be counted.

I recently have decided I'm going to stay single for a while unless something drops in my lap (no active pursuits of romance) and my mother is all over me about it. "You need to meet more people!" she says. "You'll never find a guy this way!"

When I told her I wasn't sure I wanted to, she sneered at me and made it clear that I SHOULD be.

On a side note, I love Kenneth Branaugh's Much Ado About Nothing because he and Emma and Robert Sean Leonard, all together, are sexy, sexy love. :D

It's the same over here, though it is more dependent on where you live. Salisbury, which is where I grew up, is certainly a place where you need a significant other to be attached. Every time I go back there, I get asked, "So, you got a boyfriend yet?" I'm getting tempted to say, "No, but I do have a girlfriend" just to see their faces.

And yes, Brannagh's Much Ado About Nothing is extremely sexy. All that sunshine and food and tanned skin...

You should. The dying that would occur would be funny.

It is. All those pretty, pretty people... Mmm. I want to see it again (it's been a while) and just revel in the pretty.

I think Grease is the root of all evil period. Well, maybe not all evil. But surely some evil stemmed from Grease.

I despise Grease.

What more do I need to say? :)

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