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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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The REAL HBP "Teaser" Trailer
DWNo Way! - tenfeethigh
ZOMG THIS LOOKS SO COOL! I LOVE THE ORPHANAGE! I LOVE MINI TOM! What is up with all these people saying he's not "powerful enough"? IT'S A BLOODY TEASER TRAILER! It's not his full performance, you idiots! I'm not sure what the bit with Ginny standing in a field in her DRESSING GOWN is supposed to be about, but I'm making a wild guess and saying it's Harry's "inner monster" and he's having one of THOSE dreams. ;) Of course, it could also be the attack on the Burrow but that still doesn't explain why Ginny is outside IN HER DRESSING GOWN. *gasp* Poisoned Ron! I think this may be the first HP trailer in a while that features NO HERMIONE AT ALL! Not even her voice! Damn, that is so refreshing!

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I've just got this adorable image of Harry having that kind of dream about Ginny and then thinking "OMG, I really AM turning into Voldemort, I want to EAT HER! ;_;" He can be such a dork when it comes to emotions, after all. Look at how long he was telling himself that he was just being protective towards her! *chuckles*

But hey... Ginny was in the trailer! (It's because she's important, haters.)

Oh God, have the Ginny haters started up already? Let's recap: who does Harry spend half the movie obsessing over? Oh, that's right: Ginny (and Draco *lol*)! Who does Harry kiss in this movie? GINNY! There had better be a kiss in this movie. After all the Hermione/Harry hugs and stuff, I don't mind if it doesn't happen after the Quidditch match, I just want it to HAPPEN.

Harry is indeed quite thick. And Hermione thinks that Ron's the only one out of touch with his emotions! :P

I don't know if the Ginny haters have started up already, cause I don't really hang out in places with lots of Ginny haters... but you know they will. And, yeah, the Harry/Ginny kiss is basically mandatory.

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