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The Sea of Stars

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The REAL HBP "Teaser" Trailer
DWNo Way! - tenfeethigh
ZOMG THIS LOOKS SO COOL! I LOVE THE ORPHANAGE! I LOVE MINI TOM! What is up with all these people saying he's not "powerful enough"? IT'S A BLOODY TEASER TRAILER! It's not his full performance, you idiots! I'm not sure what the bit with Ginny standing in a field in her DRESSING GOWN is supposed to be about, but I'm making a wild guess and saying it's Harry's "inner monster" and he's having one of THOSE dreams. ;) Of course, it could also be the attack on the Burrow but that still doesn't explain why Ginny is outside IN HER DRESSING GOWN. *gasp* Poisoned Ron! I think this may be the first HP trailer in a while that features NO HERMIONE AT ALL! Not even her voice! Damn, that is so refreshing!

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Hehe, you're enthused. :)

It does look good, though. I'm really looking forward to the movie.

Get on MSN!

I'm stealing someone's internet at the moment, so I don't like to come on MSN because it signs me off all the time. :/ LOVE your icon! :D

I'm not sure what the bit with Ginny standing in a field in her DRESSING GOWN is supposed to be about...

I was wondering the same thing! CHEST MONSTER! LOLZ! But hey... Ginny was in the trailer! (It's because she's important, haters.)

The orphanage stuff does seem very creepy. I guess, no, it's not hugely powerful, but it's definitely atmospheric. And creepy. Did I say that?

(It's because she's important, haters.)

Ginny rocks. :D

I've just got this adorable image of Harry having that kind of dream about Ginny and then thinking "OMG, I really AM turning into Voldemort, I want to EAT HER! ;_;" He can be such a dork when it comes to emotions, after all. Look at how long he was telling himself that he was just being protective towards her! *chuckles*

But hey... Ginny was in the trailer! (It's because she's important, haters.)

Oh God, have the Ginny haters started up already? Let's recap: who does Harry spend half the movie obsessing over? Oh, that's right: Ginny (and Draco *lol*)! Who does Harry kiss in this movie? GINNY! There had better be a kiss in this movie. After all the Hermione/Harry hugs and stuff, I don't mind if it doesn't happen after the Quidditch match, I just want it to HAPPEN.

Harry is indeed quite thick. And Hermione thinks that Ron's the only one out of touch with his emotions! :P

I don't know if the Ginny haters have started up already, cause I don't really hang out in places with lots of Ginny haters... but you know they will. And, yeah, the Harry/Ginny kiss is basically mandatory.

I'm very excited about this one.

*wave* Just stopping by to say hi and that I miss you. How are you doing? :)

I will be back very soon. *hugs* I will be plugging in my internet this weekend. Not doing too badly.

Hello! Its Donna, this is my internet alias shall we say (Sakura meaning Cherry Blossom and Kokoro meaning heart. Not sure how it came to be but its a name I've been using for years!)

Not using my Journal a lot at the moment, just to read my friends entries but will use it more in the future :D

You had to comment on my fangirlish squealing over the HBP trailer, didn't you? *lol* It couldn't be a nice, thoughtful entry, it had to be the embarrassing one, haha.

I like your username, I knew that 'sakura' meant 'cherry blossom' but didn't know that 'kokoro' meant heart, it's a very nice combo!

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