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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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The Anniversary
Spring - luna_ann
I was reminded that yesterday was the one year anniversary of the publication of Deathly Hallows. It was also the weekend when the floods became really serious and I came back to a house with no running water and, for two days, no electricity. I didn't talk about that much at the time because... well, I didn't see the point. Very British of me, I suppose. The managers at my work were amazing: they stocked in preparation for the worst and had baby wipes, food, perishables, everything for us. People who still had running water offered us their baths and showers and their washing machines. The managers also arranged for us to take a minibus to a leisure centre in Swindon (neighbouring county) and have showers there. Looking back, I wonder why I wasn't more upset. I'd been in Gloucester for less than a month when we were flooded. It took a month for things to get back to normal for us. Some people in Tewkesbury, which was worse off, have only just moved back in. Some are still living in caravans. I was lucky, since my sister lives in Bristol, just an hour down the train track but unaffected (despite living on the mouth of the Severn!). I probably used all her hot water with my washing and my shower.

For all my HP friends on the flist, what are your memories of 21/07/07?

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I'm not an HP fan, per se, but I do remember what I did that day because it was HP-involved.

I had to read the last book to my sister while she was driving. For two hours straight. And I had to do the British accents and voices and everything. And she yelled at me if I read too fast. D:

Man, I can't imagine trying to read an American book with the accents for two hours straight. o.o *hugs* Was that Vanessa?

It was actually Joc, in this case.

*tsk* Typical twin. Emily and Pid, the other twins I know, are very demanding of each other.

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