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HBP "Teaser" Trailer

Am I the only person finding all the fuss about this absolutely hilarious? My favourite comments so far:

It should be "Once again, Harry, I must ask you to do the impossible AND FIND ME THE FREAKING **REAL** TRAILER BEFORE I DO SOMETHING REALLY BAD!!!"

And this one, referring to the fact that it's Arthur who gets mauled by Greyback and not Bill:

So first Arthur gets mauled by a snake in the fifth movie and now he's getting mauled by Greyback in the sixth? This is just sadistic!

I kind of agree... not really sure why they have to include Greyback's mauling now unless it's to pile the pressure on the Weasleys and Ron specifically.

Generally, the feeling seems to be "WTF, FIFTEEN SECONDS, IS THAT ALL?!" I know there are no more books coming out but there's no need to get quite so worked up, dears.
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