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SMBoundaries of Time - orchidicons


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Friends are the family you choose for yourself.
DWSmart or What - tenfeethigh
Last Saturday I went to see Delays with Emily. Emily is one of my oldest friends - I've known her since I was four and a half - but I haven't actually spent any proper time with her for longer than I care to admit. This is mainly because our lives have been mutually unsettled and it was easier to see Pid, her twin sister. Emily was travelling around the world doing her marine biology thing and I was travelling around Europe doing my languages and translation thing. However, now we're both back in Britain, I could finally come down and visit her in Southampton. Delays are from Southampton, and they're the closest thing we have to a local band in Salisbury. Needless to say, the Guildhall was packed and my ears were ringing after the gig. After we left, we were going to the afterparty, but then Emily bumped into someone she hadn't seen in about six months outside the Soul Cellar: he was going to be the piano player for the band that was just about to go on stage there, so we decided to scrap the afterparty and go see him instead. One of the best decisions we've ever made: the dancefloor was full to bursting and the band was amazing. They played covers of old soul hits and when Andy put on his sunglasses and they played the intro to Superstition, I thought the room was going to explode, everyone was so excited (including myself). We eventually got a taxi back and fell into bed, then had a lovely fry-up on Sunday morning, watching multiple episodes about ghost hunters, before I had to go back to Gloucester. It was the best weekend I'd had in a long time and Emily kept saying that she hadn't enjoyed herself so much for ages. It's nice to reconnect.

Despite the weather forecast, it was really sunny, which was good, because jo_blogs came down for a visit. I thought I'd be late to meet her due to the bus being late. (I don't know why they bothered putting in that electronic display in, it's not accurate, it kept saying 11 or 10 minutes late, then the bus came round the corner!) Fortunately, I got to the station just as the train was pulling in. Dogstar had never been to Salisbury before, so I had the opportunity to show it off a little bit. I took her to the Haunch of Venison first, which is one of our oldest pubs and very atmospheric. (The story from the Haunch is that, during renovations, a mummified hand was discovered bricked up in a wall: the hand belonged to someone who'd cheated at cards and been caught.) I was her pilot interviewee for her thesis, which was great, as it meant me waffling on lots about writing and reading to a willing audience. Then we went to the Lemon Tree, which is a small but very popular restaurant near to the high street. It's usually packed, but when we arrived, it wasn't busy at all. I don't know if it was because of the bank holiday or we came late (though half-past one isn't really that late), but we were able to choose a shady table in the garden and have a thorough talk. As usual, the food was delicious - I had "tipsy chicken": chicken in a white wine and cream sauce with leeks and button mushrooms, plus sautée potatoes and a mixed salad - and Dogstar enjoyed it, which was my main worry. Then there was just time to show her the cathedral close and the cathedral itself before walking back to the station. Then I met Mum for a coffee after work before walking to Sainsbury and shopping with her and Dad. Such a lovely day!

I just watched this last night for free due to the magic of the internet. And all I can say is, I'm so glad I didn't pay for this film. What a load of tosh. I'm not a big fan of the book, as those from Dotmoon.net probably know by now, but it was at least an enjoyable read and didn't mess around with the main historical events. And you all know that I'm not a big fan of The Tudors, either. That's also tosh, but it's entertaining tosh. It doesn't try to be serious history, it goes for the blood and the sex. That's fine, I can accept that. But when a film tries to be serious and weighty and messes up a story this badly? It wasn't even faithful to the book, let alone actual historical events! Anne getting sent to France as a punishment? She grew up there! Why on Earth did Anne and Mary's mother get upset about Mary becoming the King's mistress and complain at the way her daughters were treated? You can't just shoehorn feminism in like that! Becoming the King's mistress was an excellent way to improve your family's standing, everyone thought it was a good thing. Henry raping Anne was utterly ridiculous and Mary adopting Elizabeth at the end was pure fantasy! Elizabeth's life would probably have been much happier if Mary had been able to adopt her but it didn't happen. And I was doubly annoyed at the waste of talent: when you have Eric Bana, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman all in the same movie, it ought to be fantastic! Eric Bana wasn't given enough to do; Scarlett was stuck portraying an innocent with no character development (I'd have loved to see her play the real Mary Boleyn, the good-time girl who slept with the King of France)); and poor Natalie had to try and make Anne more than just a scheming bitch. I have to say that the scene where she wakes up and discovers her miscarriage genuinely upset me. (Though what's more upsetting is that this is the first time I can remember seeing this issue actually addressed in a film.) Apart from that, I just felt sheer amazement at how they'd managed to ruin such a good story.

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Wow! You've been having a lot of fun recently, Starsea. That night with The Delays sounds like a blinder, I love it when everything comes together like that, when it feels almost like Fate has taken a hand, steering you along a path-of-extraordinary-fun!
Thanks for the heads-up on The Other Boleyn Girl. I shan't bother with it. Not a Scarlet Johanssen fan, ever since she bored me to tears in Girl With A Pearl Earring, and Eric Bana looks quite ridiculous as Henry VIII (though I appreciate the token tottiness he provides) but knowing that they have Henry raping Anne, and Mary adopting Elizabeth - I couldn't stomach such nonsense.

Enjoy the rest of your bank holiday weekend!

Yeah, it was a fantastic night! :)

The only reason they chose Eric is because he's very tall and broad-shouldered. (Which is more than Jonathan Rhys Meyers can say. *snark*) But all he did was sit around looking tormented and then turn into a psychopath for the last ten minutes.

You're right, it is nonsense. I'm making it my mission to stop people seeing this film.

Ha ha! Well, you can score one, anyway!
Yeah, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, WTF? Surely the most ludicrous casting choice EVER. I'd suggest the production team hang their heads in shame, but that was hardly the worst choice they made with the Tudors. All of it. Crap.

Ha, tell me about it. Don't get me started on Wolsey committing suicide despite it being THE WORST SIN YOU COULD COMMIT. I like Natalie Dormer and Maria Doyle Kennedy (though once AGAIN, they assume because Catherine was Spanish, she had black hair, um, no, READ THE HISTORY BOOKS), I think they both do well with their parts.

UGH. Thank you for that review. I was going to give the movie a chance for Natalie Portman's sake, but now, forget it. Ri-dic-u-lous.

I know. It's unbelievable. Kristin Scott Thomas and David Morrissey were in the film as well, it's such a waste of talent. Well, David Morrissey was pretty good, but only because he got to chew up the carpet at the nominal villain.

I've avoided the film as I hadn't heard anything good whatsoever about it, and I do like the book, which is a compelling read, even if decidely dodgy on historical accuracy itself. I did read that George Boleyn wasn't in it very much? One of the things I enjoyed most in the book was the relationship between the three of them. As for Mary adopting Elizabeth... Er, words fail me!

At least I get to give my icon an outing. ;)

You heard right, George is barely in it, which makes no sense, considering how important he was in the book (and in reality, too, though that obviously didn't have much importance). They give a nod to his marriage and how much he hates his wife and that's about it.

As for Mary adopting Elizabeth... Er, words fail me!

Ha! Me, too! In the film, Mary strides into the nursery and says, "Give me the child." And when they do, she just walks off through the palace and nobody stops her! Unbelievable!

Nice icon!

wow, that sounds amazing!

(I think that we should threaten to not allow anybody to make movies/tv about the tudors if they continue to suck so badly. and I really mean that.)

Ha, if only we could do that. *sigh*

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