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Ray of light in my darkness

Today, frankly, sucked until this moment. I woke up late (my fault for switching off the alarm), was late for work despite taxi because of horrible traffic, and had almost no money for lunch because of said taxi journey (usually, I would, but as I said, traffic). As for breakfast, forget it. And then I check my inbox to find out that the project manager job I sent my CV for actually got back to me.

*falls over in shock*

Okay, explaining a bit: this job is in Sidcup, Kent (only 37 minutes from Charing Cross station in London... if you have absolutely no traffic on the road, of course) and on loads of London bus routes. It involves liaising with clients and linguists (by phone and email), monitoring project progress, quality checking the translations, plus admin things like filing, faxing, photocopying, etc. and requires a person with a foreign language degree (check), computer literate (check) and with some experience of working in a translation agency or a translator for a large company (which I sorta do, the CVCE was big). Anyway, EXCITEMENT! This is only the second job I've applied for since working here (the first was a few weeks ago and they never got back to me). It's not like I'm desperately seeking something else, just... keeping my eyes open? Whatever, if I don't get it, I've still got a good job here.
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