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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Funny how these things come round
Autumn - sunlitdays
My nana died two years ago today. As if that wasn't bad enough for my dad, one of his running group, a man he's known for twenty years, also died today. The sad thing is that his death could have been prevented if he'd gone to the doctor a little earlier. But that's the way it is with cancer, isn't it? My nana died of cancer, too.

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Thank you. :) Your icon makes me smile.

*big, giant hugs* I'm so sorry, honey.

It's almost been exactly a year since my Papa died and his little brother died this morning.

*hugs s'more*

*hugs you back*

I'm so sorry. You knew him much better than I knew this man.

*hugs* Thinking of you, honey.

*hugs* I know all too well how you're feeling, and the only consolation I can offer is that it's an inevitable part of life, and that they're never really gone as long as we carry them in our hearts. Besides, we're all one. *more hugs*

I think the film Kaos (by the brothers Taviani) put it wonderfully. In it (as far as I remember), a young man remembers his grandma, and says that the worst part is knowing that while he'll never forget her, she'll never be able to think about him again. It's been 24 years since I saw it, but that line stuck. Fantastic movie, by the way.

the worst part is knowing that while he'll never forget her, she'll never be able to think about him again

Yes. That is the worst part. I can't talk to her or phone her anymore. I will probably never visit the town she lived in again. I always wonder what my grandma, my mother's mother, would have though of me if she hadn't died when I was 11. I tend to think life might have been much easier... we were alike in many ways.

*hugs* These anniversary days are so hard - even more so when you think you're over it and you realize you're not. *more hugs*

*hugs back* Well, I haven't even lost my mum like you have... but thanks for your sympathy, it means such a lot. I wish she was still here.


I have a couple of anniversary days myself, where events like this have repeated themselves years apart, and they're hard, aren't they? I'm very sorry and thinking of you.

*hugs back*

I'm sad for myself, but I feel worse for my dad. For this man to die yesterday of all days... it's just awful for him. I don't know what it is about this year: so many good people have died already, some of them way before their time.

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