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Yeah, Baby! + Birthday Drabble

So I was woken up today by my mobile ringing, showing a Guildford number. I stared at it for a moment, tempted to hang up, but then I thought, "No, see who it is." So I answered. It was Culpeper's, the herbalist shop. They want to know if I can come in for an interview. Wednesday afternoon, 3pm.


If I get this job, I'll be working two days a week, Friday and Sunday, which leaves me Saturday free for work or pleasure. And Sunday is only six hours anyway, thanks to trading laws. :D Of course, the important thing is that it's MONEY... The store is small, it will be just like working at the Bulford Surplus Store, I can pootle around, rearrange things and look cool.

Wo-hoo! Finally, all that tramping around pays off!

So I went into town to celebrate and bought three books: How To Get Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward, Gilead by Marilynne Robinson and The Republic of Trees by Sam Taylor; then I went to HMV and found bargains.

Finding Nemo: £9.99 (usually £21.99)
Return of the King: Extended Edition: £15.99 (usually something like £36.99)
Jack Johnson: On and On: £6.99 (usually £8.99)
Nina Simone, Gold: £13.99 (which isn't a bargain, but it's two CDs and I love it)

I already love the Nina Simone CDs, which I will definitely play when I'm writing Exiles. And Jack Johnson is wonderfully mellow. I need to make a CD box for melody CDs - Jack Johnson, Joni Mitchell, Saint Etienne, Madeleine Peyroux, Gretchen Peters, Beth Nielsen Chapman... others will go in there. I'll buy a CD box with my work money! XD

My parents are coming tomorrow for my mum's birthday; my sister is coming, too, but Mum doesn't know it, it's going to be a great surprise! She's bought two books and I've got Mum some gardener's soap and a whole bag of lavender seeds which have made my bedside table smell divine. And we're going to a seafood restaurant which is going to be divine. Then I'll show off Guildford to my sister. :D Can't wait to tell them my good news.

Title: Quest
Author: sea_thoughts aka Starsea
Theme: sm_monthly Birthday
Genre: WAFF
Version: Manga
Rating: G

It was August and the park shimmered in the heat. A man and a woman strolled along the path, holding hands, their shoulders dappled with light. Her hair gleamed, silver-gold; his absorbed the light, black as crows' feathers. They could smell the dust of the earth and the warm wood of the trees and occasional lances of perfume as they passed flowering rose bushes.

"Let's sit down," Usagi said, passing a hand over her forehead. "It's warm..."

Mamoru nodded and they both sat down on a bench set back from the path. Usagi could feel the warmth of the wood through her thin skirt and shirt. She leaned back with a sigh of contentment, eyes closed. Mamoru bent down and took out one of the books they'd bought, flicking through it with latent curiosity. It was a book of birthdays, proporting to give the personality of someone, no matter what day they were born on. It fell open to his own, August 3rd. He smiled and then froze. His eyes stared intensely at the illustrations and the words, moving across and down.

Usagi opened her eyes and saw his absorption. "What is it, Mamo-chan?" She propped her chin on his shoulder, reading. "The Day of the Dangerous Quest... hey, that's your birthday!" She smiled. "How funny."

"It was pretty dangerous," he agreed. "But... the prize was worth it." He glanced at her with a smile.

Usagi poked him in the ribs, pretending to pout. "I'm a person, not a possession."

"Of course," he agreed. "Want to see what it says about you?"

She nodded and he flicked back to June 30th. They both stared at the entry and burst out laughing.

"Day of Motivation... I don't think we should take this too seriously, Mamo-chan," Usagi giggled.

"Maybe not," he agreed, still chuckling. Still... I think I'll keep this. It might be useful.
Tags: drabble, sm_monthly
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