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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Bloody bastards
Spring - luna_ann
1. The flat I was going to buy fell through: the management company for the house was MIA and they wouldn't give me full insurance, so we pulled out.

2. I found another complex nearer to work, with two flats available to buy. I liked the one on the second floor best, so I filled in an application form and sent it off with sundry pieces of paper (mortgage agreement, bank statements, pay slips, letter from my dad as financial backer).

3. Yesterday, I get a reply from the housing association that owns the flat, saying that they have allocated the flat to someone else, which is fine, and that I do not meet with their criteria. Which is not fine.

4. Today, Mum phones the estate agent, as we want to know exactly why I do not meet the criteria. Get this: they refused me because the house in which I am currently living in has a poor credit history. The house I live in. Not me. The fact that I myself do not have any debt, no credit cards, no county court judgements, nothing that would prevent me from being an ideal first-time buyer, this does not count. I come from a 'bad' house, so I do not meet their criteria.

What a load of bollocks. You want to give the flat to someone else, fine, but don't try and fob me off with a pathetic excuse that because I live in the wrong house, I am not suitable for you. It makes you look bad. It makes you look pathetic. And snobbish.

Still going to try and apply for the other flat. Just to spite them.

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Wow, that's really rotten. Stupid nonsensical business decisions...

Yes, it is, it's horrible. Makes no sense whatsoever.

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