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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Bloody bastards
Spring - luna_ann
1. The flat I was going to buy fell through: the management company for the house was MIA and they wouldn't give me full insurance, so we pulled out.

2. I found another complex nearer to work, with two flats available to buy. I liked the one on the second floor best, so I filled in an application form and sent it off with sundry pieces of paper (mortgage agreement, bank statements, pay slips, letter from my dad as financial backer).

3. Yesterday, I get a reply from the housing association that owns the flat, saying that they have allocated the flat to someone else, which is fine, and that I do not meet with their criteria. Which is not fine.

4. Today, Mum phones the estate agent, as we want to know exactly why I do not meet the criteria. Get this: they refused me because the house in which I am currently living in has a poor credit history. The house I live in. Not me. The fact that I myself do not have any debt, no credit cards, no county court judgements, nothing that would prevent me from being an ideal first-time buyer, this does not count. I come from a 'bad' house, so I do not meet their criteria.

What a load of bollocks. You want to give the flat to someone else, fine, but don't try and fob me off with a pathetic excuse that because I live in the wrong house, I am not suitable for you. It makes you look bad. It makes you look pathetic. And snobbish.

Still going to try and apply for the other flat. Just to spite them.

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WHAT??? They can't be serious!? Reminds ma a bit about the numerous applications my mum sent for NORAD jobs whan I was young (which would've led to a few years in Africa). She was frequently the best applicant, but she never got the job because she didn't have any NORAD experience. ??? How are going to get the experience if you never get the job? I really thought the world had improved over the last 30 years, but obviously not so. Silly.

Straighten you back, don't let it bring you down. This is only happening because there's something better waiting for you. Te flat you wanted will probably have loads of trouble within a few year, like water leaks and whatnots. Or something like that. You'll find the perfect flat. Keep it in the front of your mind, envision how it will be to live in your own flat, cultivate the feeling and go there often - and the flat will materialize. At a decent price. You'll see... *hugs*

Yes, they are serious. I sympathise about your mother, I had that problem with getting a job in the translation industry, as you'll see if you read my old entries.

Thanks, Ana. I will make a list of what I want in a flat and envision it in my mind. :) *hugs* You're always a comfort.

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