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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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I wish I was homeward bound...
Bookworm - smercy
So now I'm back in Gloucester after a glorious week travelling, seeing friends, and basically being reminded of who I am and what I'm good at. I know I haven't posted since last Sunday: that's mainly because this week hasn't been full of 'events' like last weekend. It was just about me revisiting Canterbury, seeing what had changed, seeing if there was anything left for me there. The answer is yes, there's still so much left in Canterbury (despite the fact that my two favourite bookshops closed down, leaving me with two Waterstones). When I was there, it was like I had never been away. Even walking to the shop and back during the anime soc break to get some nibbles felt so familiar and right. And the glorious views of the cathedral and the happiness of walking down the backstreets and the reminder that I do speak good Spanish... it leaves this bittersweet ache in my heart that no other place can create. It was also good to spend time with a person who knows me and is completely on my wavelength. I've known C ever since she was born, because our parents all knew each other when they were growing up, but since she's three years younger than me, I never realised until now just how similar we were (she is a Libra, though).

I did have a letter from J.K. Rowling waiting for me when I got back, though. Not a personal one, but a response to that filk I sent back in September. So that made me smile a little bit.

Work tomorrow. *sigh*

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It's nice to hear JKR still sends responses, even if they're form letters. With the amount of mail she must get, I figured she'd probably given up.

Yeah, I felt really happy to get it, even if it was drafted. It's a nice gesture, as you say.



...do you get letters from J.K Rowling often?

*lol* No. It's only because I sent her something. It wasn't a personal letter or anything. But still, nice. :)

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