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On the road again

First of all:

Happy Belated Birthday to my dear amamama!

We haven't known each other that long but you've been a great comfort to me in many ways and I always know when I see a comment from you that there will be wise, soothing words for me to read and savour.

Secondly, I'm off on holiday! Not to foreign climes, but just travelling around dear old England. I shall be off to London on Saturday morning (I'm catching the 7:10am coach, to be precise) to meet up with jo_blogs and then spend Saturday and some of Sunday with her. Hopefully I shall also see my friend Pid and then on Monday afternoon, I'm off to Canterbury!

I heard cathedral bells tripping down the alleyways...

When I started this LJ, I'd already left Canterbury, but I've never forgotten it. I've missed it so much in the three years I've been away that just the thought of being back there makes my heart skip.

I need to be with people who are on my wavelength. I was just talking to one of the girls I sit with today. She doesn't find Mock the Week funny. Enough said. (There are clips on YouTube for those who haven't seen it.)

Man, I really need to download this song.
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