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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Alphabet Meme
Bookworm - smercy
So... this was doing the rounds a while back, but I didn't have the time to join in, even though I wanted to. And then I thought this would be a nice way to give my friends Christmas presents, because you get to choose your present.

The format:

* Choose a letter of the alphabet

* Choose a word which begins with that letter

* Choose your fandom and the characters you want me to write about

* Sit back and wait for the result.

Fandoms: Sailor Moon (including "Exiles" stories); Fruits Basket; Harry Potter (I will attempt anything for you here, in the spirit of Christmas, so bring on your alternative pairings); Chronicles of Narnia; Doctor Who; Heroes; I'll even attempt Veronica Mars & House M.D., if you want, but I warn you, it might not be good.

A - phoenixfyre13: 'Almost', Ron/Hermione or Molly/Arthur
C - gijane7702: 'Christmas', Remus/Tonks
D - dark_branwen: 'Drunk', Remus/Sirius
E - dark_branwen: 'Electric', Veronica/Lilly
F - ayadec: 'Feeling', Angela Petrelli
G - dark_branwen: 'Grasping', Minako/Takehiko
H - discord_harmony 'Hope', Harry/Ginny
J - dejana: 'Jealousy', Susan Pevensie
L - vifetoile: 'Legacy', Chibi Moon/Sailor Quartet
M - fireflypenance: 'Missing', Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin
N - heavenly_pearl: 'Nightmare', Helios/Chibi-Usa
P - flourhurricane: 'Pop Quiz', Ken/Mamoru
Q - dejana: 'Quiet', Harry/Cedric
R - demandingvoice: 'Romance', Ami/Mamoru
S - heavenly_pearl: 'Secret', Percy/Penelope
U - heavenly_pearl: 'United', Shigure/Ayame/Hatori
W - barbara_the_w: 'Wonder', Remus/Tonks
X - shield_wolf: 'Xenophobia', Remus/Tonks
Z - flourhurricane: 'Zero', Doctor/Martha

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VERY VERY LATE Christmas/Birthday Present

Please accept this as a VERY late Christmas present and also a belated 2010 birthday present. I fail.

Sirius/Remus - Drunk

It would have been easier to take the hidden passage from the Hog's Head to Hogwarts but Sirius had decided that it would be better to walk back to school because that would give them a chance to sober up.

"Sirius..." Remus said, as they weaved from one side of the lane to the other, "if sober is England... then we're in Fiji. Or Papua New Guinea. Somewhere in the south Pacific."

Sirius frowned up at the sky (blank thanks to the new moon). "What's your point?"

"We're a long, long way away from sober."

"Just the way I like it!" Sirius gave him a fuzzy grin and hugged him closer with the arm he'd slung around Remus's neck. "This... is how it should be, Moony. You and me. No parents... no nothing. Prongs is probably somewhere... shagging Lily..."

Remus winced and Sirius felt the movement. "It's too bad, mate... you could have got in there first if you hadn't been so hung up on your furry little problem."

"Lily Evans would never look twice at me!" Remus said with more force than strictly necessary.

Sirius squinted up at the castle, which looked further away than ever. "'S not true. Let's... be frank. James was a twat. You were not a twat. Those were the facts. You should have taken... advantage."

Remus closed his eyes. He really did not want to be discussing Lily, especially not with Sirius, especially not after consuming so much Firewhisky. "I didn't want to."

"Well, look at it this way!" Sirius tugged his head even closer so they were cheek to cheek. "You've still got me, Moony. If you ever... stop thinking of yourself as totally unloveable, I'll be waiting. I'll break open the champagne and wear my special velvet dressing gown and we will celebrate in style."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Remus muttered.

"Dear God, you are thick sometimes," said Sirius, cheerful and tactless as only a drunk could be. "I love you, Moony. I, Sirius Orion Black, love you, Remus John Lupin. Do you want me to say it again? I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you-"

"SIRIUS!" Remus shoved him away. Now he was very, very sober and very, very glad that they were alone in the lane and the other two weren't here to witness this. "Stop pissing about! You're drunk, I'm drunk, let's just get back to the school and get to bed and forget this happened."

Sirius stared at him, his eyebrows pinched together. "What's wrong?"

"You - can't just..." Remus rubbed his eyes. "You can't just SAY stuff like that! Okay?"

"Why?" Sirius shrugged. "Look if you don't feel the same way... you don't. But you don't have to act like a prick about it. Unless..." His eyes narrowed. "Unless you do feel the same way but you're stuck on that 'I deserve to be alone forever and ever because I am a monster' groove. Because that would be stupid. And you are not stupid, Remus. You are anything but." He put his arm around Remus's neck again, gazing deep into his eyes.

"You are drunk," Remus said, despairing and unable to disguise any of his emotions because he was also drunk. "This isn't real."

"What would make it real for you?" Sirius asked, looking very sober suddenly.

Remus sighed and shook his head. Sirius dug a hand into the hair at the back of his head and kissed him. It wasn't a shy kiss or a gentle kiss, it was open mouth and teeth and a growl that shook Remus's spine. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't do anything except taste the Firewhisky on Sirius's tongue and feel as if he was being devoured from the inside out and know that he was finding this erotic in the extreme.

Afterwards, they both stared at each other, hearts pounding, eyes wide. Of course, Sirius was the first to break the silence. "You know something?"

Remus shook his head again, dizzy and elated and terrified.

"If I'd known you could kiss like that, I'd have done this a long time ago."

Re: VERY VERY LATE Christmas/Birthday Present


So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Thank you so much! :D

I do so love them together.

Re: VERY VERY LATE Christmas/Birthday Present

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, you liked it! :D And yes, I did deliberately give him the initials S.O.B. ;)

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