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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Alphabet Meme
Bookworm - smercy
So... this was doing the rounds a while back, but I didn't have the time to join in, even though I wanted to. And then I thought this would be a nice way to give my friends Christmas presents, because you get to choose your present.

The format:

* Choose a letter of the alphabet

* Choose a word which begins with that letter

* Choose your fandom and the characters you want me to write about

* Sit back and wait for the result.

Fandoms: Sailor Moon (including "Exiles" stories); Fruits Basket; Harry Potter (I will attempt anything for you here, in the spirit of Christmas, so bring on your alternative pairings); Chronicles of Narnia; Doctor Who; Heroes; I'll even attempt Veronica Mars & House M.D., if you want, but I warn you, it might not be good.

A - phoenixfyre13: 'Almost', Ron/Hermione or Molly/Arthur
C - gijane7702: 'Christmas', Remus/Tonks
D - dark_branwen: 'Drunk', Remus/Sirius
E - dark_branwen: 'Electric', Veronica/Lilly
F - ayadec: 'Feeling', Angela Petrelli
G - dark_branwen: 'Grasping', Minako/Takehiko
H - discord_harmony 'Hope', Harry/Ginny
J - dejana: 'Jealousy', Susan Pevensie
L - vifetoile: 'Legacy', Chibi Moon/Sailor Quartet
M - fireflypenance: 'Missing', Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin
N - heavenly_pearl: 'Nightmare', Helios/Chibi-Usa
P - flourhurricane: 'Pop Quiz', Ken/Mamoru
Q - dejana: 'Quiet', Harry/Cedric
R - demandingvoice: 'Romance', Ami/Mamoru
S - heavenly_pearl: 'Secret', Percy/Penelope
U - heavenly_pearl: 'United', Shigure/Ayame/Hatori
W - barbara_the_w: 'Wonder', Remus/Tonks
X - shield_wolf: 'Xenophobia', Remus/Tonks
Z - flourhurricane: 'Zero', Doctor/Martha

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Sorry, 'S' is already taken. ^^; But there are still plenty of letters left!

All righty.

E for Electric - Lilly/Veronica

The Enduring Connection

Requested by dark_branwen
Characters: Veronica Mars, Lilly Kane (Veronica Mars)
Theme: Electric

Though you're miles and miles away,
I see you every day,
I don't have to try, I just close my eyes,
I close my eyes.

It had been a long time since Veronica had seen Lilly Kane. But that was okay, because she was dead, and Veronica was alive, and communication between those two states was notoriously unreliable. Even those small corner-of-the-eye flashes had become rare and if she dreamed, she dreamed of the case she was working on, or watching the news and seeing a bulletin about Logan's death in a car accident or a shooting or a fire. (Logan wasn't dead. Not yet, anyway.) Lilly wasn't there in her dreams. Lilly wasn't anywhere. And Veronica had learned to live without her, ignoring the dark shadow that lurked at the back of her mind (it only came out if she saw Aaron Echolls' face when channel-surfing, and that was when she knew it was going to be an all-nighter).


But while Aaron Echolls was dead, Jake Kane was very much alive. And very pissed off about a rookie FBI agent trying to investigate his secret society. Veronica should have played it safe but when it came to the Kane family, she could never just sit back and play it safe. So she'd gone to the warehouse on the docks without back up, without any help except her gun and a drunken promise from Logan that he'd watch her back.

"Veronica, can you hear me? For God's sake, just blink an eyelid, do something!"


So Veronica was more than a little surprised when she opened her eyes and saw Lilly sitting opposite her, legs tucked to one side, with that familiar impish smile. Surprised but happy, becuase it didn't matter how long she'd been away, Veronica thought fuzzily, when Lilly came back, it felt like she'd only been out of the room for a few minutes. Except she looked so young, so fresh, so full of confidence. Of course, she would never get old. She was forever seventeen, on the crest of life. But Veronica had grown up.

"Lilly..." she said, trying to lift her head, but it ached, and Lilly's image swung about as if she were on a fairground ride.

"I wouldn't try to move just yet," Lilly said, raising her eyebrows. "That's a nasty bump you've got."

"A bump...?" Veronica moved her arm (that didn't seem to hurt) and gingerly felt around the back of her scalp. Her hair was matted and then her fingers touched something wet and warm. Veronica felt a distant flutter in her chest, a premonition of panic which became horrible reality as she saw that her fingers and palm were stained red. "Oh my God, Lilly," she said, her voice trembling.

"Head wounds bleed a lot," Lilly agreed. "I should know." She lifted her own hand and touched her temple, then held it out. "See?"

And Veronica saw that Lilly was wearing her pep squad uniform, and that her head was bleeding from the wound that had killed her. She let out a small whimper and closed her eyes. So this was how it felt to lose your mind. The image of Lilly's bloodied corpse had been burned on her retinas for months and she hadn't ever wanted to relive it.

"Who's she talking to?"

"Nobody. She's delirious. You shouldn't have hit her so hard. The drugs would have done the trick."

"What about him?"

"We don't hurt him until she wakes up."

"Hey." Lilly snapped her fingers, which were suddenly clean again. "Can we focus here?"

"Am I dying?" Veronica asked. "Am I dying, Lilly?"

"You think I'd be sitting here if I didn't think you could pull through? When did I ever waste my time on hopeless cases, huh?"

Veronica swallowed on a sandpaper throat and tried to smile. "Never."

"Thank you. As I said, it's a nasty bump, but I've seen worse. I've had worse." Lilly leaned forward. "Listen to me, okay?" She put on a dark and serious voice. "It is not your time yet... You must return... Be strong, young grasshopper..."

"Grasshopper?" Veronica interrupted.

"Hello, trying to be wise and mysterious here!" Lilly rolled her eyes. "Honestly, people can be so ungrateful."

"I am grateful," Veronica croaked, reaching out and trying to grab her hand. "I'm so glad you're here, Lilly."

Re: The Enduring Connection

"Ohh..." Lilly said with a smile. "I'm glad to be here, too, sweetie. But you know, I can't stay."

"What...?" Veronica lifted her head again, a little slower this time. "What do you mean? I thought you..."

"I just said, it isn't your time. Not yet. Not for a long while. You're a secret agent, Veronica Mars, you have to catch the bad guys. No sleeping on the job."

"Wait... don't go..." Veronica pushed herself onto her knees. "Lilly..."

Lilly shimmered like light on water. "Make sure you throw the book at them, Veronica."

"I promise - Lilly -!"

She stretched out and there was a flash of light, and then she was kneeling on a cold stone floor, staring at two men. Men she'd been tracking for months; men who were rich and powerful, and therefore extremely dangerous when threatened. One of them smirked and she felt her headache pulse in response. She tasted blood in her mouth as well, and felt a cold pure anger running down her spine. She knew this anger so well. It had been with her for a long time. Ever since Lilly...


She looked up, and as she did so, there was a spark from the wires overhead that caused both men to flinch backwards. Then there was a creaking and a groaning, and another flash of light, and the scene was lit up in monochrome. For a moment, Veronica thought she saw Lilly standing there, smiling, before half the roof caved in and she ran towards the man who lay tied up on the floor, desperate to stop him getting crushed.

"Weird," Logan said later, when they were both in hospital with bandaged heads, His'n'Hers injuries.

"What?" Veronica asked, keeping her eyes closed. There were so many things that Logan could be referring to (their relationship, for example), that it was better to wait and see what he was thinking.

"That warehoue was abandoned, right?"

She turned her head and opened one eye, with a long-suffering expression. "Yeah... it's condemned. They're pulling it down in a couple of weeks."

"So... the electricity supply would have been cut off," he said slowly, meeting her gaze. "What happened... shouldn't have happened."

Veronica felt cold suddenly. She pulled her bathrobe tighter around her and looked at the clock. It was almost visiting time and she was looking forward to seeing her dad, not least because it meant that Logan would stop talking.


"Don't think about it, Logan. It doesn't matter how we survived, the point is that we did survive. Which is more than can be said for those bastards who assaulted us."

"You are telling me to leave something alone?" Logan crossed his arms and rested his head on them, smiling at the ceiling. "How times change."

Veronica felt her own lips twitch and turned carefully onto her side so he couldn't see that there were tears in her eyes. It was all right, they'd pass. It was just that she'd become so used to taking care of herself, the knowledge that Lilly was still looking out for her made her feel rather weak, with that peculiar feeling in her heart of happiness and sadness blended together so well that she couldn't decide what she was feeling. Only Lilly could ever do that.

I'll catch the bad guys for you, Lilly. I promise. I haven't forgotten.

We'll always be together, however far it seems.
We'll always be together, together in electric dreams.

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