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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Alphabet Meme
Bookworm - smercy
So... this was doing the rounds a while back, but I didn't have the time to join in, even though I wanted to. And then I thought this would be a nice way to give my friends Christmas presents, because you get to choose your present.

The format:

* Choose a letter of the alphabet

* Choose a word which begins with that letter

* Choose your fandom and the characters you want me to write about

* Sit back and wait for the result.

Fandoms: Sailor Moon (including "Exiles" stories); Fruits Basket; Harry Potter (I will attempt anything for you here, in the spirit of Christmas, so bring on your alternative pairings); Chronicles of Narnia; Doctor Who; Heroes; I'll even attempt Veronica Mars & House M.D., if you want, but I warn you, it might not be good.

A - phoenixfyre13: 'Almost', Ron/Hermione or Molly/Arthur
C - gijane7702: 'Christmas', Remus/Tonks
D - dark_branwen: 'Drunk', Remus/Sirius
E - dark_branwen: 'Electric', Veronica/Lilly
F - ayadec: 'Feeling', Angela Petrelli
G - dark_branwen: 'Grasping', Minako/Takehiko
H - discord_harmony 'Hope', Harry/Ginny
J - dejana: 'Jealousy', Susan Pevensie
L - vifetoile: 'Legacy', Chibi Moon/Sailor Quartet
M - fireflypenance: 'Missing', Rowena Ravenclaw/Salazar Slytherin
N - heavenly_pearl: 'Nightmare', Helios/Chibi-Usa
P - flourhurricane: 'Pop Quiz', Ken/Mamoru
Q - dejana: 'Quiet', Harry/Cedric
R - demandingvoice: 'Romance', Ami/Mamoru
S - heavenly_pearl: 'Secret', Percy/Penelope
U - heavenly_pearl: 'United', Shigure/Ayame/Hatori
W - barbara_the_w: 'Wonder', Remus/Tonks
X - shield_wolf: 'Xenophobia', Remus/Tonks
Z - flourhurricane: 'Zero', Doctor/Martha

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"C" is for "Christmas"

I'll take either Remus/Tonks (AU would be nice ;D) or Harry/Ginny

Christmas - Remus/Tonks AU

The tree was decorated with miniature fairy lights - not electrical, of course. Tonks had let Remus do the lights and the decorating, but she had insisted on wrapping the presents herself. "If it's too neat, they'll know you did it, and I do not want Mum insinuating that you're taking over Christmas."

"Andromeda? Insinuate?" He smiled at her, both amused and puzzled.

"All she ever does is insinuate," Tonks grumbled. "She always says 'this is just a gentle suggestion, Nymphadora' and then proceeds to point out exactly where I've gone wrong and how I could have avoided that by just doing it like she said!"

Remus put an arm around her shoulders and kissed her on the temple. She sighed and leant against him for a moment. "I know, she's only doing it because she loves me. That's the problem with being a mother... you realise just what your own mother went through."

"Maybe Teddy will take after his dad and be a good little boy," Remus suggested with a straight face.

Tonks looked up at him, raising her eyebrows, and he burst out laughing. "Okay, so I wasn't always that 'good'..."

"Hello kettle, this is pot, just wanted to say you look very black today," Tonks responded, turning her hair black as she said it and making Remus laugh even harder.

Teddy rolled over onto his side and squealed, wanting to be part of the merriment even though he didn't know what was funny. Tonks laughed and bent down, then winced, putting a hand to her side. Well, what do you expect when you go and fight in a war mere weeks after giving birth? she asked herself.

"Dora?" Remus covered her hand with his, the laughter gone from his face.

"I'm fine," she said, as much to herself as to him. Teddy scrunched his nose and turned his hair black, then giggled. "Who's a clever boy?" she cooed, thinking that she sounded like one of those mothers she'd always despised. Well, she was at least in the privacy of her own home, so she wasn't subjecting anyone else to her adoration, just Remus.

"The Adoration of the Teddy?" he suggested, as if he'd read her mind.

"A far worthier object of adoration," she agreed, picking Teddy up, ready to ignore her body if it protested. But her body welcomed the weight of Teddy, as it had welcomed him from the beginning, and she sat him on her hip and tickled his chin.

"Am I at least allowed to write some of the dedications?" Remus asked, pretending to be humble.

She swatted at him, laughing. "If you're a good little boy."

It didn't really matter about the handwriting because they would all be signed the same: 'Happy Christmas from Remus, Tonks and Teddy'

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