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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Autumn - sunlitdays
As usual, I slept Saturday morning away and half the afternoon, but I was able to get up and get into town in time to get the book I wanted (The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West) and go to the cinema. I thought the five o'clock perfomance of Walk the Line was sold out because it wasn't on the screen, but in the end I got a great seat right at the back, near the centre. The trailer for The WeatherMan looks REALLY weird. Maybe it's because I just can't see Nicholas Cage as an ordinary man, let alone someone who reads the weather programme. There might have been another trailer, but I don't remember it. The film itself was really good, although I can see why a lot of critics were disappointed by the story treatment. It didn't seem like the story was really interested in anything other than the romance - which is fine, because Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon definitely had chemistry and whenever they were on screen together things were really interesting. But for someone like Johnny Cash, I would have liked to see what drove him, not just his love life. Typical Hollywood, I suppose. At least there was good acting.

I splurged out on Thursday, a little too much as usual. But I did buy my father and sister's birthday presents - and my sister's DVD was on sale for £4.99, so that ain't bad. I got the soundtrack of LWW and Tiger Bay by Saint Etienne, which I really should have bought before. I am utterly obsessed by this album now. It's like a breath of Mediterranean air; listening to it, it feels like I'm back in Madrid, and I could step out onto a street and feel like I'm in an oven. I knew I'd like at least one song on there, I didn't realise I'd like so much. Buying more Saint Etienne albums in the future. And I got Kung Fu Hustle, which is hilarious and makes me want to buy Shaolin Soccer. All of these were below £10, but it still added up to £30 with the student discount. Ouch. Then I went into Ottakar's to get my dad's birthday present (autobiography) and ended up buying The Hobbit and Love in the Time of Cholera as well. At least that had £1 off it. Then I bought some food. x_x Bad Laura. I really shouldn't go near the shops.

I have too much homework. As usual. One translation that I should have handed in on Monday, one on Thursday, one that should be done for Tuesday - the difficult part is not the translating, it's getting it aligned in Trados. Fun fun fun.

Nobody has phoned me back about a job despite all my applications. Am feeling frustrated and angry. What do I have to do to get a job around here?

And to top it all off, I want to finish Chapter Five of Exiles instead of focusing on my translations. Argh.

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Good luck on homework, Star-chan! Meep!

I have not seen Walk the Line yet, but it is on my to-see-list-when-I-am-no-longer-broke! Meep!


(current word: Meep!)

I realized that you friended me (belatedly) and friended you back! Encantado de conocerla!

And good luck on the job applications. Waiting to hear back about a job is one of the more frustrating things in the universe!

Encantado, kit! Good to see your comment!

And thanks, it is frustrating.



And I share your sentiments in trying to find a job. I too am having a bit of trouble and it's a royal pain in the ass! But good luck, Star-chan! :)

And good luck with your translations!

Hmmm...the Weather Man...oh yeah the one were everyone is throwing food at Nic! Haha, that looked sorta funny actually. But yeah, Nic Cage as someone other than an action adventure star is a bit, I don't know, odd. But then again he was all angellic in City of Angels. Have you seen it? It's pretty good, but sort of sacrilegious in a way...
Homework bites the big one. (Do you ever feel that since you entered college there's no such thing as weekends, just days without class?)Especially translations...I finally started mine today (I'm in Ancient Greek, can we say "hard"?) and it took me 2 hours. I was so p.o.ed, but got to love the Greeks for their complexity. ^_^ Or so I keep telling myself...
What's your major, languages? I don't know how you manage to do any writing done with homework (I can't seem to do it), you must have awesome time management skills (is quite envious).
Kung Fu Hustle! I've only seen half of it and what I saw was hilarious! I need to see the rest, my brother-in-law is always raving about it.
Yeah, that was a lot too say. Sorry, I tend to blabber...

P.S. I adore your British spelling, it's so sophisticated! >_< I probably sound like an English-language-butcher, huh?

Nah, City of Angels does nothing to me, I'd rather see the German original. I'm a big fan of European cinema; it helps to be English, but I really do like the European view of cinema as a way to express ideas rather than another way to make money.

I'm doing an M.A. in Translation, French and Spanish. I create some time for writing by e-mailing my translations instead of printing them out. :P

And yes, see Kung Fu Hustle. It is amazing.

I don't think your English is bad at all. Please don't get into the mindset of thinking British spelling is 'sophisticated' in any way. American spelling has just as much merit.

Oh God, Kung Fu Hustle was such a headache. There was like, three different language being spoken and everyone somehow understood each other! LOL! I guess it's part of the funnies, and yes, it was really fun! But still, when I listened to the dialogue, I just don't see how everyone understood each other!

Haha, thanks! I suppose it's just because I'm not used to it (english speakers) as much. But, I do have a neighbor back home who is Scottish and I always find it cute how she uses the word advertisement instead of commerical.

Anyway, I totally agree with the whole American Hollywood being out only for the money. I'm really interested in Bollywood films actually, though I've only seen bits and pieces of the movies. I adore the outfits, so colorful! And the singing is so pretty! Also Asian films are quite neat as well. I really want to see this Korean film (can't remember the title) about this man who goes to people's homes when they are away and cleans their house. He doesn't rob them or anything he just tidies up. And one day he goes to this house that he thinks is empty but it's not, there's a woman there and they fall in love. Also the two man characters (cleaning man and lady) never talk. It looked really interesting and I want to see it so badly. Just need to remember the name...

You cheater! :P Hahaha, lol. I would do that too but I'd feel guilty. Besides I don't think they have Ancient Greek translations online. Oh and doesn't that cost money? How far are you in the Spanish & French languages anyway? Like sophomore level? I took Spanish in high school for 3 years and the only thing I remember is "chico donde esta mi carro?" Yeah...

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