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From the land between Wake and Dream.


As usual, I slept Saturday morning away and half the afternoon, but I was able to get up and get into town in time to get the book I wanted (The Fountain Overflows by Rebecca West) and go to the cinema. I thought the five o'clock perfomance of Walk the Line was sold out because it wasn't on the screen, but in the end I got a great seat right at the back, near the centre. The trailer for The WeatherMan looks REALLY weird. Maybe it's because I just can't see Nicholas Cage as an ordinary man, let alone someone who reads the weather programme. There might have been another trailer, but I don't remember it. The film itself was really good, although I can see why a lot of critics were disappointed by the story treatment. It didn't seem like the story was really interested in anything other than the romance - which is fine, because Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon definitely had chemistry and whenever they were on screen together things were really interesting. But for someone like Johnny Cash, I would have liked to see what drove him, not just his love life. Typical Hollywood, I suppose. At least there was good acting.

I splurged out on Thursday, a little too much as usual. But I did buy my father and sister's birthday presents - and my sister's DVD was on sale for £4.99, so that ain't bad. I got the soundtrack of LWW and Tiger Bay by Saint Etienne, which I really should have bought before. I am utterly obsessed by this album now. It's like a breath of Mediterranean air; listening to it, it feels like I'm back in Madrid, and I could step out onto a street and feel like I'm in an oven. I knew I'd like at least one song on there, I didn't realise I'd like so much. Buying more Saint Etienne albums in the future. And I got Kung Fu Hustle, which is hilarious and makes me want to buy Shaolin Soccer. All of these were below £10, but it still added up to £30 with the student discount. Ouch. Then I went into Ottakar's to get my dad's birthday present (autobiography) and ended up buying The Hobbit and Love in the Time of Cholera as well. At least that had £1 off it. Then I bought some food. x_x Bad Laura. I really shouldn't go near the shops.

I have too much homework. As usual. One translation that I should have handed in on Monday, one on Thursday, one that should be done for Tuesday - the difficult part is not the translating, it's getting it aligned in Trados. Fun fun fun.

Nobody has phoned me back about a job despite all my applications. Am feeling frustrated and angry. What do I have to do to get a job around here?

And to top it all off, I want to finish Chapter Five of Exiles instead of focusing on my translations. Argh.

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